Mike Cleveland, in Lesson 60 of Setting Captives Free – The Cross: Finding Life in Jesus’ Death says:

Yes, there are “trials of many kinds” that believers face (James 1:2). Yes, there are hardships to be endured as discipline (Hebrews 12:7). Yes, our days are few and full of trouble (Job 14:1). Yes, we have enemies on every side (Judges 8:34). Yet, through it all, we are encouraged to celebrate a feast of deliverance. In the midst of our trials and troubles, we are exhorted to look to the cross and relish the accomplishments of it. While enduring our hardships in this world, we are commanded to celebrate the payment of our debt and the completion of our salvation. While fighting in every battle with the enemy of our souls, we are to rejoice in the defeat of this enemy, which happened at the cross.


Again, I am reminded that as I choose to do this, it affects my perspective. Having a higher, loftier, praising perspective affects how I see what happens next and how I experience it.

I sound like a broken record.