The above photo is from the November 1995 issue of Women’s Day Magazine. I had “lost” 81 pounds, but I found them again…and lost them again…and found them again…and lost…well…no matter, you get the gist.

I am confident that THIS IS A NEW THING God has done and is doing in me! He is dealing with the heart issues. Please, if you haven’t yet read the entries I have placed here the last few days…do…God is bringing conviction to my heart. This journey is all about the heart. If the heart isn’t treated, the weight will pile back on.

Such “fame” and “glory” evident in this photo from 12 years ago…yet, until last November, ELEVEN years later, I didn’t surrender my HEART.

PLEASE…don’t be as stubborn as me. I am a repentant rebel and hoping that as God changes me more and more that the “rebel” part will be total, absolute HISTORY!

Thank you, Lord!