Well, about a week after I had “put away” my scale, I DID get it out again for a few days. I reasoned through the why of it…and came up with some really good reasons why it was ok…but after a few days, I decided I wanted to deal with it for sure. LOL!

So…I went on ebay and ordered a pair of jeans in my favorite style and brand…one size smaller than I have been wearing…and the ones I wear right now are baggy…not very effective for keeping on top of my size.

The jeans arrived and I have NEVER worn a size 10 in my life. They fit! In fact, on my birthday (Monday, the 15th), I wore them for part of the day. I don’t know that I would wear them in public yet, but I did wear them to meet with a friend at her house. When I went on a horseback ride, I changed as it is really miserale to ride in jeans that aren’t a bit “forgiving!”

All that to say…I put the scale away again when the jeans arrived over a week ago and haven’t gotten it out. I don’t feel the pull any more. I know that these size 10 jeans will give me a sense of if things go down a bit yet, stay the same and if I hop off the bandwagon, these jeans won’t fit at all.

Truthfully, though, God is showing me some important things as I prepare for my group on Wednesday nights. Leading others through the book is so encouraging to me! I love it! And God is doing yet MORE work on me.

In the chapter that addresses the bathroom scale (chapter 6), the contrast is made between focusing on the bathroom scale and focusing on the hunger scale. Truthfully, when I submit my will to the Lord and the hunger scale, eating between the parameters of hunger and satisfaction or 0 and 5, I have no question in my mind that leads me to want to jump on the bathroom scale! I mean, this is a no brainer. It is only when I know I have been eating outside of those parameters that I want to see if I have gotten away with things and “just how bad IS it” or something like that.

More and more, God is enabling me not to “fudge” in my eating like I was doing pretty regularly. It is becoming less of an issue.

That is NOT to say that my heart has been changed. I still LUST for a zero like the best of them and still WANT food and still MOURN when I can’t have it…I mean, really…it is like being a baby sometimes, the little temper tantrum I am prone to have as I “deny myself” yet again. I hope that there will be a time in the future when I won’t feel this like a denial, but just a normal way of life…I know there are lots of other areas of greed that the Lord wants to ferret out and eradicate.

I am thankful that He is growing me so much, even if, at times it is painful.