Lord, I am in awe. You have given me an amazing privilege of leading a Thin Within group at my church on Wednesday nights. I thank you for that privilege. You know that I first longed to do that over FIVE years ago. What a wonderful thing it is to know that I am in the heart of your will when I meet with these wonderful ladies. THANK YOU for this privilege, Lord!

Last night was a treasure to me. As we molded and shaped a “pinch pot” made of clay and thought about how you have molded and shaped each one of us…that you made and formed us to be containers for your glory…I was just so touched again that you would give us such a privilege. Thank you, Lord! As our own fingerprints were all over the surface of our own pots, your fingerprints are all over each one of us, too. It is evident that a Master is at work. Thank you, Lord!

I commissioned the ladies to carefully wrap up their pots with cotton and cups so that they could get them home without allowing harm to come to them…no marring, scratches, dents, dings or without being smashed. Sometimes our own bodies we treat with such contempt that we end up hurt and wounded. Help us to care for our bodies as we each took such care to wrap our pots so they could be protected. We are stewards of our bodies. They are not our own to do with as we please.

As each lady sees her clay pot at home this week, may it be a reminder that you have made her special…may she be moved to praise you that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. May she find herself rising to the call of caring for her body in a manner that honors it and demonstrates a sense of the high calling she has received from You, Lord.

Thank you, In Christ. Amen.