What do you do when you want to be at a 0 (physical hunger) at a certain time…say a special event is happening, family coming from out of town for a special party at 4pm? Or, as in my case, a 30 year dating anniversary dinner at 8:30 at night? How can we plan to be at a zero so that we don’t compromise our godly goals?

Here are some thoughts I had as I looked ahead at my special event. In time for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, I hope! 🙂

Oh…by the way…I say in this video “Anytime I get hungry after two or so…” I am referring to anytime I get hungry after 2pm…I am referencing a TIME, not a hunger number when I say that! Sorry for the confusion!

Then…the second video is what I decided to do…given I was hungry over an hour and a half before the event…

Is this helpful at all? (Shameless plea for feedback! LOL!)