I am sort of logging my activity/exercise at the Thin Within forums in the exercise accountability forum (in the journals section).

My primary goal is to honor the Lord in my heart and to love Him with my heart, soul, mind and strength…not to allow exercise, my body or ANYthing to become the focus–except for the LORD. This is a challenge for me given my dieting/exercise compulsion history.

Some may wonder what I do for activity…did I lose 100 pounds with a regimented exercise program? Is that how I keep it off? NO NO NO! LOL! I just ate when I was hungry and stopped when I wasn’t. (I keep doing this to keep the weight off…) I even continued to eat crazy things like cinnamon sticky buns with extra icing and hot fudge sundaes…It is true! I won’t eat them unless I am hungry, though…same as other food!

Anyhow, here is my “exercise” for this week!

Sun – none – other than typical pony keeping chorese

* Trimmed 8 pony feet (this is rigorous and very challenging!) – 1 hour
* Moved 3 bales of hay (100 pounds each) and cleaned out the hay shed… 1 hour
* Spread hay 3x across the hillside forest for the ponies’ breakfast, lunch and dinner 3 x 10 minutes

* Trimmed 4 more pony feet – 30 minutes
* Worked with my son and Dodger – 10 minutes of walking (followed by sitting and watching how well they did together without me! )
* Two hour ride on The Harlinator (my horse)…this was a ride of a lifetime…absolutely phenomenal….very active…Not at all “sitting” like some people imagine horseback riding! LOL!

* 1 hour ride on The Harlinator…he made me work REALLY hard…stinker pot.

* None other than “typical” pony chores – though I did help an acquaintance with saddling stuff…saddling and resaddling horses, getting on and off..not much, but a bit.

My pony chores are a bit extreme. One of these days I simply MUST do a part 2 of the Busy Horsewoman’s Workout video series! LOL! I did have 8 TONS of gravel delivered. I should be moving it with a wheelbarrow and shovel this weekend…so…that will be my exercise for Saturday!

Fri –
* 1 hour ride on Breezy and his friend, Pete the Percheron (for only a few minutes…). Walked for part of this to be with my friend. Pete the Percheron was NOT into the experience and had to be gently coaxed along…LOL!

Sat –

* 2 hour ride on The Harlinator….and boy, did HE MAKE ME WORK HARD!!!!! That turkey was a piece of work today!!!!!!! I realize that God has “wired” him to be a herd boss…and I realize that he was also a stallion for the first 12 years of his life…and I realize that he has some genetic predisposition for FLIGHT…but GOOD GRIEF!!!!!! I was actually thinking as we headed the last half mile back that maybe I DO need to sell him (or pay someone to take him). I adore this horse, but it feels like a TOXIC relationship and it is only a matter of time before I get hurt…and BADLY. After the ride, we got home and I turned him out. He hung out close to me and I scratched him…and he stayed close. I gathered he didn’t hold against me how “firm” I had to be with him out there….Then I went to the outside of the rail fence and just leaned on it with my husband as we watched our two horses….they rolled and shook, grunted, groaned, wagged their weanies in the wind, had a discussion over the water trough about whether Breezy would have the “honor” of drinking at the same time as Harley, His Royal Highness….Then, surprise of all surprises. From across the corral, Harley turned…looked at us….came over…nuzzled us…and gave me a big wet smooch right on the mouth…GOOD GRIEF!!!! DO YOU SEE WHY I KEEP THIS BIG MANIAC AROUND???? Horses aren’t supposed to BE like this! I am nuts. Someone PLEASE pray for my healing!

* 1 hour of shoveling gravel…I will be sore tomorrow!!!


There you have it…my “exercise” program for this past week!