Someone somewhere somehow told FIRST magazine (which I had never heard of before) that I had been using Dance Praise by Digital Praise to assist me in my “dieting” (gagamaggot!) efforts!
The truth is, all winter long, I LOVED using Dance Praise, a “game” on the computer that has a mat to plug in to bebop to Christian songs for getting some exercise and also for some praise and worship time! It is a blast. If you haven’t ever seen it before, check it out! It is such a wonderful way to move and worship at the same time. When I am doing “Dance Praise” I don’t really notice time…I just get caught up in the fun and worship. I have found myself face down praising God in the middle of my “workout” time! You can’t beat it! It is SUCH fun to dance around to music by Chris Tomlin, the Newsboys and others.

Since the late spring and summer, however, and with all the outside activities, I haven’t done much Dance Praising. I guess I miss it, though! LOL!

Anyhow, back to the “news”… so FIRST magazine (a secular magazine that you find right next to the tabloids at the grocery store check out stands) is doing an article on using arcade dance games to get rid of weight. Can you believe it? They contacted me, interviewed me and though I crowed all about Thin Within their article IS on dance games…

On FRIDAY (in two days) I am supposed to go to have a PHOTO shoot done! Mind you, I am not a “hair and makeup” kind of gal. I mean, I get up, shower, braid my hair and put a baseball cap on and I am good to go! Truly! So I am not excited about having my face painted and someone messing with my hair. LOL! Ok…what an ingrate… I know, I know…it is probably another form of pride that God wants to demolish…

Anyhow, what I REALLY hope is that SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY they will hear that God is at work changing lives…yes, he uses arcade dance games to give us a lot of fun and fitness, but He also has made our bodies to be reliable for hunger and satisfaction…OOOOOh! I SO hope that this message can come through! If not, maybe they will consider doing an article on non-diet approaches to releasing weight. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So, if you are reading this, could you join me in praying that GOD will be exalted in this article? I mean, if this ends up being all fluff, I will be SO disappointed! I want God to be glorified and to get the word out about Thin Within, too…Wouldn’t that be neat? 🙂

Pray for me to be gracious on Friday, too…and not to cop an attitude. I really hate foo foo stuff. LOL!