“…for in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin.” Psalm 36:2

This verse penetrated my heart. I have been so excited about releasing the weight and feeling like I LOOK so much better…talk about pride! It is one thing to celebrate God’s amazing work (and to keep on, as the work isn’t completed…). But it is quite another to flatter myself by repeated glances in a mirror…”Oh, my! I *am* looking different!” or returning to the closet to try on those smaller jeans…again… “Almost! Won’t be long now before they fit GREAT!”

Becoming captivated by my “progress” is arrogant, conceited and prideful. It also, according to this verse can keep me from detecting sin…which continues to need to be rooted out.

I posted some time back about how I am to do more than merely avoid sin. I am to HATE sin. This verse speaks to that. If I am so busy flattering myself that I don’t detect my sin, then I won’t HATE sin either…

I need to “break camp” and not stay put here celebrating.

Time to “forget what is behind” and to “press ON.” There is MORE ground to cover.

I AM thankful for all God has done, but I want to see what OTHER new thing God is doing!