Life seems crazy these days. I have been tired and so my time in the morning has been short before the day begins to place its demands on me. I haven’t had time to sit and blog like I would like to. I love my early mornings with the Lord, and sleeping “in” until 6:30am has eroded the leisurely time I usually have with all quiet in the house.

Yesterday, as the day got rolling, I found myself irritable without explanation. I was desperate for some time away from demands of the home, the kids, the phone. I knew it called for one thing…time on my horse. 🙂 I am so blessed.

I needed not just time with my horse, but time up on the ridge. So, I planned on riding up there to where I can see the Sierra Nevada mountains covered with snow and the river below. My spirit and soul needed to be restored and I always experience God’s healing touch in my heart and soul when I am out there. I also planned to hike up to the top so that Breezy wouldn’t have to haul me up there, given he is a bit out of shape after the weather has benched us for the past 3 or 4 weeks! I wanted the exercise. It DID feel good to move!

As I was hauling away with Breezy in the trailer I realized I was FAMISHED! Yikes! It was only 10:30 in the morning, yet there I was hungry and leaving the last opportunity for food behind for at least a couple of hours! Oh well. I figured I would survive it. (This is huge…5 years ago, the thought would have sent me into a panic. It still can these days, too!)

With the beauty of the day (it was 65 degrees!) and the crystal clear sky, the company of a great horse :-), lots of fresh spring grass, I didn’t think of food again until we were hauling home 2 hours later! I actually forgot all about food. At 1pm I had a great lunch…taste buds all “perky” since I was so hungry!

It was interesting to me how important food had seemed when I was driving off, heading toward the staging area where Breezy and I would ride…and how easily I forgot about it as I got involved in something I loved and needed. I love to pray on my solitary rides…I sometimes lift my hands in praise and sometimes sing a praise song or hymn or two! “How Great is our God” goes great from the top of a mountain when the snow-capped Sierra’s are in view! I am so blessed. I live just 15 minutes from the trailhead where Breezy and I hiked! (As you can see in the photo, he didn’t have to wait to have something to eat!)

Here is a photo, though it was taken before we reached the top!

Funny how I didn’t even think of food when my heart and mind and soul and spirit (and body!) were caught up in other wonderful things! Lesson here for me! 🙂