Photo Courtesy of iStock Photo

Photo Courtesy of iStock Photo

Last week, we had 53 different comments.

This week, we had even more than that.

I love that you all are engaging in community! Isn’t that awesome!? It really encourages my heart. THANK YOU for making this study what it is. It really touches me.

I am praying right now as I reach in to get someone’s name out of my “hat.”

Lord, would you cause my hand to land on the name of the person who needs the resource that we have to give away? Thank you for Joe and Pam Donaldson and Arthur and Judy Halliday and their generosity in giving books to this study here at the blog. Use this generosity, Lord, for your glory and the good of some special person this week! Bless all of the participants of this study and Barb Raveling, too, I pray! Thank you for the joy of community, too, Lord. In Jesus’ matchless Name I pray, Amen.

This week’s winner is Natalia! I will be connecting with her in email to find out what she has chosen for her prize.

Lord, thank you for giving a gift to Natalia! I pray that you would encourage ALL our hearts today with the gift of your presence in our lives! Thank you!

Thank you ALL for participating!

What can you do to experience the support and encouragement of community in your life, face to face with others? Is God possibly leading you to do this?