Photo Courtesy of iStock Photo

Photo Courtesy of iStock Photo

By the time I did the drawing late last night, I had 53 different slips of paper to draw from!  Thank you for participating this week. YOU all make this blog a supportive community. You have been a very REAL encouragement to me this week.

We now start fresh with our drawing entrants. Any new comments from this time forward on any of the posts will go into next Friday’s drawing. If you want to be in the drawing next Friday, please keep up the great work. Remember, you can comment on a post directly, or on another person’s comment to encourage them! Each time you comment, I add your name (yet again) to the drawing. Multiple entries are welcome!

Without further “ado” the winner of this week’s prize is Lisa Meyer. CONGRATULATIONS! I will be emailing Lisa to find out which of the three options she will choose:

  • Free copy of Thin Within — all donated by Joe and Pam Donaldson from the Thin Within ministry.
  • Free copy of Hunger Within – all donated by Judy and Arthur Halliday, the authors of the books and programs.
  • An hour of Skype or phone-call coaching with me broken up into increments that suit you.

As a bonus for reading through this post :-), I want to share with you a song that has meant so much to me on this journey. In fact, this song, sung by Hillsong in this rendering, God used SPECIFICALLY when I was driving through our canyon one day in late Fall of 2006  to call me out of my rebellion and back into fellowship with him, offering my eating and my body (and MIND!) to Him. I hope it encourages you:

What has God used to draw you close to Him?