There is a play on words going on in the title of this post. “God doesn’t count.”

I don’t mean “God doesn’t matter,” because of course He does! He is EVERYTHING that matters!

What I DO mean is, He doesn’t count! He doesn’t say “1, 2, 3, 4….” and so on.


Do you believe that?

Or do you think “I have stuffed my face again. I keep doing the ‘sin repent sin’ cycle thing…and I know God has had it with meIt is only a matter of time before he says ‘That’s it. NO MORE. I am THROUGH with you!’

If you are convinced that you can out-SIN God’s love, kindness (which leads us to repentance), then ask Him to help you believe Psalm 32:2 a which says:

Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD does not count against him…

You see? God doesn’t COUNT.

He can out-love, out-forgive, out-kindness anything you can possibly throw at him.

He doesn’t stand up in heaven with a tablet, making a list and checking it twice to see if you have been naughty or nice…and…suddenly, do a second take…

….Oh no!! Horrors of HORRORS!

………”No! That sin, right there…that ONE sin…is ONE too many! No more forgiveness, no more pardon! No more kindness, no more long suffering! I count ONE TOO MANY SINS against Lisa…against Lou…against… ________ .” (Insert your own name there…)

Further on in Psalm 32, we read:

Then I acknowledged my sin to you
and did not cover up my iniquity.
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD “
and you forgave the guilt of my sin.

David knew what it was like to struggle with starting a day with good intentions…to begin again, and again, and again…only to cave in to temptation. Instead of hiding from God, he tell us acknowledging his sin, confessing them…well, it didn’t end badly. God wasn’t counting his sin.

Instead, God forgave.

He keeps forgiving.

Jesus paid an exhorbitant price so that forgiveness could be constantly, freely extended to you…no matter how *many* your sins. If we insist on believing that God “has had it” with us…then we are sucking the life right out of the cross of Christ. We are saying that the death Jesus died has its limits…that it isn’t sufficient.

Do we *really* want to say that?

Let’s believe! God doesn’t count. When we begin again, we really do begin again…fresh start, clean slate…

1 John says God is love and 1 Corinthians 13 says that love keeps no record of wrongs done. So, I have to figure…then God doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.

No, God doesn’t count.

(If you wonder if this blog entry is peddling “cheap grace,” I want to re-state that Jesus paid with his lifeThere is nothing about grace that is “cheap.” We are challenged not to go on sinning intentionally, willfully so that grace may increase…however the bible also tells us that if we claim we are without sin we lie and God is not in us…So, I receive David’s admonishment in Psalm 32. I seek hard after God and when I DO sin, I confess it and stand cleansed…forgiven…my sin is not counted against me…all because of the high price paid for me to have this privilege. I don’t trivialize it…I bow in reverence and submission…and welcome every possible benefit that has come to me through the extreme sacrifice Jesus offers me…)