Wow! Thanks, girls, for replying!

My day got away from me…all in a GOOD way.

Our horses actually got to BLESS another family. It was SO awesome! I was so blessed…I tell you, after all the time, money, effort we have put into them, it was so RICH to be able to see other people on TWO of them at once, smiling as they went. YAY! (In the picture below, my dark horse, Harley, carries my daughter. He actually carried three different people today…two brand new beginners and my daughter who hasn’t ridden him much at all…and Breezy the white horse has my daughter’s friend. It was SO cool! My ponies were SO GREAT today! Thank you Lord!!!)

Then a trip to the lake, McDonald’s with the family and off to a community co-op vegetable garden for our church’s feed-the-hungry program…Such a great day with family and friends!

THIS IS GREAT! But God showed me something…I had a chance to tell someone I interacted with during the day how I saw her when I first met her (and how I still see her). I don’t know her well, but she is beautiful, strong, and absolutely healthy, and vibrant looking. I see one of those kind of “California girl” looks that most women would love to have…But she doesn’t see herself that way at all. I wanted to cry…it made me sad the way she sees herself …well, it is a lie from the pit. I wanted to tell her NO! That is a LIE!

God gently pointed out to me that I believe similar lies…that I see myself through just as warped a lens as my new friend does…wow…that really brought home just how deceived *I* might be…But then I also realized…I am still hyperfixating on appearance. I am called to let it go, warped view or not…let it go, let it go, let it go…other things are SO much more important! Oh my!!!!

Always a journey!