Hi, everyone. My 14 year old daughter and I have been in Orlando, Florida with a dear friend and her daughter. We got here last Sunday and will arrive home in California tonight. We have had an absolute blast!!! Pictures and video to come. I actually volunteered during the Indiana Jones show to be “an extra!” I got to be a citizen of Cairo! SUCH FUN and definitely not something I would have done a couple of years ago.

The most challenging thing about *that* experience was the person taking volunteers had each one of us state our name, where we are from and then she asked us to imitate a specific Disney character. I have a real “issue” with Minnie Mouse–can’t stand her. LOL!!! Of course, she asked me to giggle like Minnie! I about died since my friend, her daughter, and my daughter all knew that I do NOT like Minnie Mouse! So, in front of 100s of my “closest friends” I actually GIGGLED like Minnie Mouse. Good grief! Ok…that was DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone! LOL! I could just picture my friend cracking up about that one.

My friend is someone who I “met” online about eight years ago in a yahoo group. We developed our friendship as God led us together (she lives in Tulsa) to process the material–of all things–in the Thin Again book. The book encourages us to get assistance in “unwrapping graveclothes” and Jan was the one that God chose to assist me with that process. We have been dear friends ever since and occasionally get to go cool places together. This was the first time that we have done something THIS big and WONDERFUL with our daughters, though!

God is good. This trip has testified to that. My eating has not been stellar, admittedly. I got swept up by my own vulnerability due to being so tired (poor baby–I played TOO hard this week! :-)) but I am back on track today.

We have a seven hour flight ahead of us–no connection. So, we are packing provisions for the trip–you know, those wonderful TEASER foods. EEK! I will be MUCH in need of some serious PROTEIN when we land tonight in Sacramento!

“Talk” to you all later this weekend (if I don’t catch up on sleep instead!)!