A thought struck me during my quiet time during the weekend. I think it was when a couple of thoughts came together at once for an “A HA!” moment.

At the Thin Within forums, Julie made a comment in her journal to the effect of: “I can’t hate myself into change.” (I can’t remember quite how she said it, but that was the gist I got out of it.)

This comment resonated with so many of us on the forums that an entire discussion was begun with that comment as the launching point. How many of us hate ourselves for our overeating, for being overweight, for keeping on with the very thing we want to be done with???

The thought that I had last week as I was quiet with God in response to “I can’t hate myself into change” was: “So true! I can’t hate myself into change, but I can hate SIN enough to choose to change.”

I think this is a vital key. This thought came to me originally almost a full two years ago when I “returned” to Thin Within and began this blog. The pastor of my church said something sort of as an aside during a message from Hebrews. But it was that little comment that really stood out to me. It was that, as Christians, God doesn’t just call us to forsake sin…to longingly look back over our shoulders at what we have left behind and wish we could enjoy it in freedom again like “the good old days.”


God calls us to HATE SIN.

I want to hate the sin of overeating, of gluttony. It is indulgence of my flesh. God doesn’t endorse my targeting ME with hatred, but he is all for me hating sin. I think I will make this a more diligent aspect of my prayer life. Lord, please help me to hate sin in my life enough to change…to never flirt with it or consider or ponder it…