I love it when God works with a theme. You know…when a song, a bible study or two, a devotion, a sermon all seem to be pointing to the same principle? Does that happen to you? I am so much less likely to miss what he has in mind when he does this!

Yesterday, my time in the Word reminded me of 1 Corinthians 10:31 that whatever I do can and should be done for the glory of God. I shared that I have changed my focus so much that I had forgotten that my eating matters to GOD. Not just to my weight, but to GOD.

I turned in another study I am doing and the video session for that study was on, of all things, God’s glory! Isn’t that cool? In fact in that bible study video session, Beth Moore traced the appearance of the glory of God and how it FILLED the tabernacle and then FILLED the temple. I turned in another bible study (back to the first one for today’s lesson in it) and it was on BEING FILLED or SATISFIED.

I love this connection, especially when I put that together with 1 Corinthians 3:16 that says that *I* am God’s temple now.

So what I get from this is this progression:

1. God is brought glory through my life…even mundane things like eating and drinking (or not…)

2. God’s glory can show up and FILL to fullness (satisfaction) the earthly taberncale or temple — my soul and body…(or not)

3. I can prepare, anticipate, welcome the glory of God to show up by my EXACT obedience (boy, I don’t like that “O” word…) — or as Beth Moore referred to it… “Standing on the LINE…”

Which brings me back to the first point…I can choose to do what I do, even mundane things like eating and drinking to the GLORY of God. Welcoming HIS presence in my life, demonstrating that I am prepared and waiting and anticipating.

Like with the earthly tabernacle, God’s holiness required things be “just so,” God calls me to respond to what He has revealed to me–not what I don’t know yet, but what I DO and what I know is that focusing on food, focusing on my size, focusing on how I look…on ME at all…is NOT going to bring him glory.

I love that the word used in the Old Testament for “filled” when referring to the glory of God filling the temple can also mean “satisfied.” That is too cool. I won’t be satisfied in my soul by turning to food. But if I respond to what the Lord has called me to do, as His glory shows up, I am filled…satisfied in my soul…where I really need it.

As Beth Moore described in the video the departure of the glory of God from the earthly temple based on the prophecy (fulfilled) spoken by Ezekiel, I couldn’t help but plead with God…Lord, let me not do ANYTHING to cause you to remove your glory from my body, your earthly temple…I want my life to welcome his holy presence at all times.

Along these lines, I read Ecclesiastes 6:7 which says: “All man’s efforts are for his mouth yet his appetite is never satisfied.”

The word “appetite” can mean soul, self, life, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion, that which breathes, the breathing substance or being, soul, the inner being of man, the seat of appetites, the seat of emotions and passions.

The word “filled” can mean to be full, fullness, abundance, be satisfied, accomplished, ended.

The Message Bible renders Ecclesiastes 6:7 this way: “We work to feed our appetites; meanwhile our souls go hungry.”

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of this toil, misery, labor, travail, trouble, sorry, grievance, and pain (words for “work” or “efforts”). Especially if it will result in my heart hunger remaining unanswered…that silent hunger going unsatiated…a thirst that is never slaked. No…I don’t want all my efforts to be for that sort of emptiness, where I think I am going to be satisfied (focusing on food or staying a certain weight)…No. I want to know Christ and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings for the sake of his glory showing up and satisfying, flooding full, this earthly tabernacle.

Dear Lord, let it be in me…let it happen. Keep me from the futility I have known in the past and that which I seem to be drawn so readily. Help me to yearn for soul satisfaction that is found only in you, only in coming and “Standing on the Line” — that place of exact obedience…Let me not compromise. I know that I can’t win your approval as I have that in Christ. I thank you that I don’t have to perform to please you. Christ did it all. But because I love you, I *want* this, Lord. I want to welcome your glorious presence in my life…that others may see you, that you might be magnified in my life. In the precious Name of Christ I pray, Amen.