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Christmas is upon us, followed by New Years, which brings parties, potlucks, family dinners, buffets of sweets, candy, etc.  In my Gearing Up for the Holidays post I shared about ways to be proactive before the holiday celebrations begin.  This time, I would like to share what took place before Thanksgiving in order for me to prepare for the big feast.

For several months now, since participating in the Renewing of the Mind study, I have been reading through my truth cards each day.  I’ve stated before how important it has been to be in the Word and reading those truths each day: it’s literally CHANGED my life!  The Lord has done an amazing work.  He gets all of the praise, honor, and glory!  So knowing how powerful His word is in renewing my mind and transforming my life, I knew how important it was to have those truths before my eyes before Thanksgiving.

This is what I did to plan ahead:

1. I wrote in my journal, which is ultimately a prayer journal.  I asked the Lord to help me in the days ahead to stay within my boundaries.

2. I looked at Barb Raveling’s app ‘I Deserve a Donut’ about social eating, which suggested I read the parts about Justification Eating and Entitlement Eating.

3.  In my journal, I wrote out the Justification Eating questions and answered them.  I mentally saw myself on Thanksgiving day and the days surrounding Thanksgiving, knowing that I may be tempted to be a social eater or to make excuses to eat beyond what my body needs.

4. I wrote down notes from the app that really spoke to me so I could look back at them if needed.

5.  I wrote out a plan of what I wanted Thanksgiving day to look like.  I knew that we would be eating with dinner-size plates (I usually use a small plate), so I visually planned to load up my plate as if it was a small plate.  I decided that I would eat slowly, savoring each bite, leaving one bite of food on my plate.  I decided I would not take seconds.  And then later I would enjoy a small serving of dessert, even if I wasn’t fully at a “0” (I felt that this was pleasing to the Lord and acceptable in His sight).

6.  I wrote out a plan for when we would be going to a restaurant one of the days surrounding Thanksgiving.  Since we were out of town, we wanted to visit our favorite restaurant in the area.  I knew what I wanted for an appetizer and the entrée, so I planned ahead for what I felt would help me stay within my 0-5 boundary.

7.  I wrote the victories I had already experienced that week, praising God for what He has done.  I needed to remember those victories and remember that God is my strength!

How did it all turn out?  The Lord gets all of the glory!  I was amazed at how smooth Thanksgiving went.  I ate according to the plan and I felt completely satisfied.  While there were others who said they were stuffed and needed to nap, I felt energized.  And a few hours after our meal, I was hungry and ate again.  I am so thankful for what the Lord did that day and the days surrounding Thanksgiving.  I was faithful to keep my eyes on Him and His truth and He was faithful to watch over His word to perform it.  Praise God!

And He wants to do the same for you!

How about you?

Do you have a journal you can write out a plan in?  How do you want to visualize yourself  for the upcoming holiday celebrations?  What can you do to prepare?

Written by: Christina