God is at work! Sometimes it is easy to forget that He has made some promises for us…”He who began a good work WILL complete it until the day of Christ!” (Philippians 1:6)

Continuing my reading in chapter 9 of the Hallidays’ book, Get Thin Stay Thin…

So in each choice we make we find ourselves asking, “Am I responding to the demands of my old nature for some temporary gratification, or in accordance with the Spirit and my desire for permanent intimacy?” GTST, p. 174

God is after intimacy with his creation. He has been stripping away the layers of grave clothes that stood as a wall between me and Him. I didn’t realize just how much had gone into constructing these “protective” layers…what caused me to feel protected from pain in my life, also served to keep out the very thing I need and long for–that for which I was created–intimacy with the Lover of my soul! I am so thankful that He has exposed this.

Now that I don’t throw food in my mouth every time I have emotional pain or turmoil (or even, simply, agitation), I am left in a place of NEED. Before, I numbed that need. In this place of NEED, I can wait on the Lord…or that is the idea. But I must “be still and know” that He is God. Sometimes it takes a long time…but he is always faithful to BE sufficient, to show up with HIS solution.

We must choose what we will eat based on what we hear our bodies tell us and through the leading of the Spirit. These choices are not insignificant, since our physical and emotional well-being are profoundly affected by what we put in our mouths. These decisions are a crucial part of the shaping and molding process by which we become new creations in Christ. GTST, p. 175

If you are, like me, someone who has used the principles of eating when physically hungry and stopping when no longer hungry, for a long time, then it is easy to fall back on “what has always worked.” I know that in the past, when I was hungry, I could eat a snack wrap, a few fries and sip on a large diet soda at McDonald’s, for a couple of hours after the meal…

Things have changed…first off, I am not drinking large diet sodas any more (not drinking diet soda at all). I also notice that my body NEEDS LESS FOOD. I have to be careful not to assume that I KNOW how much food I need based on my past experience. God wants INTIMACY with me. He wants me to care about what HE says. So, like the quote above, I must ask the Lord to show me what and how much to eat. The “when” is clear…when I am hungry, of course. But it is evident to me that the “what” and “how much” have changed. These are not insignificant choices. I won’t minimize the value.

I need him.

Funny how that is.

To not ask God, to rely on what “I have always done,” results in turning my eating into “the Heidi Diet”–eating what I have eaten for a couple of years as he led, but now doing it on “autopilot” because “it worked” before.

He won’t let me get away with that right now.

He is after intimacy…Hmmm….a theme here!