January is ending on an amazingly high note with my 14 year old autistic son coming to me last night repentant and broken hearted…confessing all his sins! He shared them with me and then prayed with me to the Lord, begging the Lord’s help. He wants to meet with our pastor! He has been carrying a load for 9 years as he has been arrogant, angry, prideful…(gosh, a lot like his Mom!). Last night, he came out of his room in tears, climbed into my lap and wept…telling me of all the things he wants to do to live for the Lord. And here I wondered if he was even saved….wow. God certainly IS doing a new thing!

My resentment toward God about my son was a HUGE roadblock to me in ever really giving God my heart in the area of food and eating in past years. I could mechanically apply the principles of 0 to 5 eating (like a diet), but it was hollow. It wasn’t about loving the Lord more than food. It was about “what would people say if they saw me and knew of my connection with TW?” See? Pride! Bleah! And my disappointment with God was rooted in pride…but He really touched me powerfully in November and December that I was parenting in fear…that he knows my heart and understands how broken hearted I have been about Daniel. I feel like what I got to experience with Daniel last night was a HUGE SUPERNATURAL HUG from GOD!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!

I reported at the end of 2006 that God had removed a bit over 20 pounds since early November. I don’t really know what the timeline is in all of this (one drawback of NOT writing stuff down or using charts), but as of moments ago, the scale indicated that God has released 35 pounds from me. Now instead of weighing 200-and-some, I weigh 100-and-plenty! LOL! YAY, GOD! No, I haven’t released 15 pounds this month, so I don’t know where the timeline really fits, but no matter…I will take it. Praising God! I am on my way to reaching my God-given size by May as I had hoped. Praising God…this IS a miracle!

Other goals that I reported having for 2007 are on their way…the exercising is going really well. I bought an advanced step DVD…one that I would have LOVED back during my fitness craze. It is way beyond me right now, but I am having fun playing with it anyhow! LOL! That and Dance Praise. Having so much fun with activity again sure makes it…well…FUN!

With the nice weather here in California, I am feeding my horses all over our steep hillside, carting their hay around and spreading it so they move while eating (like horses in the wild might). This is not only good for *their* health, but it gives me a mini- workout three times a day… and I can sure feel the difference in not having those 35 pounds when I go up and down that hill! LOL!

God has made me continue to beg him to remove pride where it rears its ugly head…it seems almost constantly…it is devastating on the one hand and wonderful on the other….I want to exalt HIM!!!

Another surprise blessing from the Lord is the writing I am getting to do again for Thin Within. What a blessing. It is amazing to me how God has orchestrated all of this. He has brought me back to Thin Within at the time when the company was changing hands (the Hallidays now own it!) and there is a need for help with the writing again…oh God IS good! I couldn’t say that a year ago…I was too myopic….but He has faithfully revealed His goodness! THANK YOU LORD!

I welcome prayers for my precious Daniel …the enemy will want to snatch the seeds that God has seen fit to germinate…Daniel wants to share Christ with others…he has so many hurdles to cope with to do so…I just want what God wants for him. He has NEVER been this repentant over his sin before…I am just in awe of God’s timing for this…it boggles my mind.

Some of my other goals….Harley, my horse, is going to training in April with a wonderful trainer! Daisy, our rescued golden retriever, is in agility classes and we are having fun with that, though I may have to give that up after February due to expense.

One other goal I verbalized….I still haven’t made much effort to develop three of my friendships….and that is something I must give myself to during February. I have spoken with one friend about connecting again…and I need to with the other two. So this goal has been waylayed….

Anyhow, I am praising God for all He is doing.

So much more ahead, though!