I realize that this blog post title is horribly “cliche’.” But it is on my heart this morning. You see, last night at a seminar for “Creating the Most Amazing Author Website,” one over-arching theme struck me like a locomotive train. And it is true.

It is that “This isn’t about me.”

I have known that at some level, but it came home to me at a new, deeper level. This blog, the writing that I aspire to do, my involvement at the Thin Within forums, my sharing with you the transformational journey that *I* am on, isn’t really about me…Sharing it here at the blog, when I get to share with women in person, or writing about it in any form–it is about Jesus and you and about Jesus’ work in you.

None of it means anything if I don’t keep that in mind.

You come here to this blog looking for something–hope, perhaps, ideas for getting unstuck, inspiration–the reasons are endless. If I fail to keep that in mind, then I miss the opportunity that God extends to merely be a conduit through which He can pour out Himself into your life.

Your kindness to me has been so healing to me, but I have taken that and somehow twisted it. Please forgive me for that! My heart is truly that God would take anything that is true about his work in me and offer it to you as proof that he loves you. Proof that He is doing a new thing in you. I am not a “special case” in his eyes–no more special than you.

So, I want to commit afresh to offering you the only thing that matters. It is Him. You may already know this, but I want to offer it again, afresh. Right now, in THIS moment…this is a sacred moment and in it, he wants you to stop. To listen. To hear him say, “Child, I am doing a new thing in you right now…” I hope you can hear him. Stop for a second, close your eyes. Do you hear him delighting over you with singing?

Oh, how he loves YOU. I hope you can believe this and rest in this fact today.

No matter where your life has taken you–if you are struggling with health problems, if you are overweight, if you are underweight and refuse to honor your body by eating enough nourishment to sustain good health, if you are on the brink of giving up on life and on God…stop…please stop…and listen. In the stillness…there is a still small voice…and it sings over you with delight…