Most of us who land at this blog are here because of food and body issues. Most of us want to weigh less, be smaller, lose weight.

So let me ask you something…what does your heart weigh? Does the weight of your heart matter as much  as what your body weighs? What if you could be lighter in body, but only at the expense of your heart–if getting smaller actually caused your heart to be burdened? Would you give up a light heart in exchange for a light body?

Certainly in our world, the focus is on our physical weight and size. We are told we have to be a certain weight for our height and we have an idea of what size we “should” be. Some of us have fixated on that number and won’t deviate from it for the world.

But what does God say to us? I think he asks me, even now…”Heidi, what does your heart weigh? Is it heavy because you are chasing after things I have never led you to chase after? Is it burdened because you refuse to release cares and concerns to me?”

This is the real “weight” issue that God cares about. Sure he wants us to be as physically healthy as we can be, but he cares the most about our hearts. If he were to “weigh” our hearts on a scale, what would the result be?

Should we consider “losing weight” in our heart? What if we were to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness? He says that we need not to worry about what we EAT or drink or what we will wear (including the size!). Instead, as we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, all these things will be added to us as well.

Practically speaking: What can you do to have a lighter heart? A heart that isn’t quite so burdened? How might this affect your eating and body issues?