I wanted to let the visitors to the blog know, I am heading off on yet another trip…leaving early tomorrow. I have never in my life traveled as much as I have this year. I think it is a product of finally having a rear that fits in an airplane seat!

I am actually looking forward to this trip! The others were still warm-ups, I guess! LOL!

I am meeting a friend at the Dallas Fort Worth airport where we will fly the rest of the way to New Orleans together. We are attending the video-taping of Beth Moore presenting her Breaking Free material. Lifeway has re-released a new version of “A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place” and I guess they are doing the same for this series.

Years ago, the Lord used this series powerfully in my life. Going to this is like a dream come true for me, but I have a feeling that this will be quite a challenging experience, too. I covet your prayers!

I will likely have some internet access while I am gone and hope to post a bit about what I experience as I know it will apply to this journey. Definitely!

Next time I write it will be from New Orleans!