O magnify the LORD with me, 
And let us exalt His name together.  
~ Psalm 34:3

The more I try to *fix* myself–to not have food, body, eating issues–the more ME-focused I have been. In the past few years, God has shown me that I need to know and focus on HIM, trading self-consciousness for God-consciousness. It is a slow process, but he is faithful!

Right now, God is using a book I have “stumbled upon” to propel me right into his throne room daily, where I bask in his presence in a vibrant way. This is a book I wish EVERYONE could get into their hands–and hearts! Because I really believe God will use this book to transform our lives, I am going to purchase three copies from the author, Ethel Herr, to give away to you, the visitors to this blog. I will tell you more about it in the days ahead. (I guess you can call it a contest!) So check back again in the next week ahead!

It is called Lord, Show Me Your Glory (but please don’t search for it on Amazon. I think the best way to get it is from Ethel herself!).

I have been using this book in my quiet times since the early part of March. If I could have written any book on the planet, this is the book I wish I had written, but I am SO glad that Ethel has! I could never write it so beautifully. It includes 52 chapters–one for each week of the year (though I must confess that I use several chapters each week, it is just so inspiring!). Each chapter includes profoundly written prose about two or more attributes of God, Ethel’s majestic poetry, and quotes that help to understand the relevance of the attribute considered. Scripture is found throughout as well, of course!

Each chapter concludes with “To Ponder” and lines on which to respond and “Pray” with lines for writing out a prayer to God, focusing on the very attributes learned about in the chapter. God-focused devotional material that is interactive. PERFECT! 🙂 Can you tell I am excited about this book? 🙂

Many people come to the internet looking for something. In fact, many come to this blog looking for something. Often, that “something” is a real, living, vital encounter with God. Ethel Herr’s book is a passport for each of us to the very thing we long for most. If our hearts are hungry (and we know they are), it is for the presence of God and Lord, Show Me Your Glory provides a veritable feast. When we sit down with this volume and taste and see that he is good, we will no longer grab for counterfeits. Our healing rests within the Scriptures as they disclose our God to us. Ethel’s book is a help to us, giving us glasses with which to see.

Ethel may post a guest blog post at least once (more, I hope!).  You will have a chance to get to know her a bit, too! Such fun!

It is my prayer that this will bless your socks off as plunging the depths of her book, Lord, Show Me Your Glory, has blessed me! (And so it continues!)

Keep watching for details. And if you want to get to know Ethel a bit, you can do so by visiting her website.