When I was 10 years old, I ran into a car with my eyelid. 😮 The car wasn’t even moving.  It was a car with a “fin” off of both sides at the back, sort of like the Ford Futura. I looked over my shoulder as I rode my bicycle away from my friends and, when I turned back to look where I was going, the sharp fin of the car found my eyelid. Talk about stopping suddenly!

I got sliced pretty well and, I guess, was fortunate my eyeball didn’t suffer for it! That was my second trip to the emergency room in my young life.

Amazingly enough, all these years, the scar hasn’t been very visible unless you knew to look for it. It is about two inches long, on my left eyelid.

Just this morning, though, I noticed as I looked at my rather tired, aging face in the mirror–the scar stands out now. Or at least it does today. How is it that, with *age* and the typical work that gravity does on various and sundry parts of the body, has come the emergence of this scar from almost forty years ago? It acts like an accusation of my having done something rather, well, stupid! 🙂

With *age* has come a reminder of something foolish I did when I was a kid! (See to the left, the arrow pointing to the scar on the eyelid and another arrow pointing to another scar near my nose where a stereo speaker mounted above my bed fell down and nailed me!)

I think there must be a lesson here for me to learn.

Another perspective on that “accident” I had a long time ago might be to consider what a blessing it was that I didn’t get hurt worse. And what a blessing that the neighbor would rush out of her house and scoop me up in her arms and carry me home, gushing blood from my eye and all! I wonder if Cathy Felix is out there somewhere today? I never said thank you. I sure would like to do that now.

There wounds I’ve incurred in the past and scars remain today, but they may not be so readily apparent. *I* see them. But no one else does. Until they *do*. And once it is evident…it is evident. I have a choice. Will I let my scars accuse me?

Maybe scars are reminders of experiences we have had for a reason–to remind us of what we have endured, of what the Lord has faithfully brought us through and that he doesn’t waste anything. Sure, if we allow it to happen, the scars can be used by the enemy to accuse us. But God has other plans for the scars.

This song by Point of Grace offers one thought about that:

Do you have scars? Which will your scars be–a reminder of God’s faithfulness  
or an accusation the enemy uses to harass you?

Lord, please help any who read this to offer their scars to you in praise for what you have brought them through. Thank you that while you sometimes do leave scars, you *have* healed the wounds. May we remember this fact, Lord, and praise your name. Help us to see what you intend in our scarring and reject the accusations of the enemy in our lives. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.