Several weeks have gone by since that morning in the bathroom when God raised the whole issue of love. I’ve been asking Him what I should pray, and he has been replying, That my love would heal your heart. Oh, how deeply he knows me. Knows me better than I know myself. And how true and good to pray just this. My heart does need his love and healing. He’s also been saying, Give me your heart. The two go hand in hand. At first I was bugged by his persistence, bugged by the fact that he kept answering, That my love would fill your heart, heal your heart. But that only shows how much I do need healing, and also why and where I need God’s love and healing.

The above excerpt is from John Eldredge’s Walking With God. This is an incredible book. Obviously, I could have written the above words myself. They are spot on. Yesterday was rough, including a flashback of a nasty childhood scene. God’s love was beckoning to me all the while and I didn’t see it, couldn’t see it. I stayed in darkness for much of the day. He had even spoken to me from His Word, but I wasn’t able to see it until today:

But you, O God, do see trouble and grief;
you consider it to take it in hand.
The victim commits himself to you;
you are the helper of the fatherless.
– Psalm 10:14

You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted;
you encourage them,
and you listen to their cry,

defending … the oppressed...
Psalm 10:17-18a

More than food, the Lord wants to graciously give me what my heart needs. He says so! Isn’t that wonderful! He says so!