I forgot to post this morning that I hit a milestone. I weigh on Sunday mornings. So today when I weighed in I was thrilled to see progress downward!

I won’t say what that milestone is, as my pride just won’t let me tell the world my current weight…but I am THRILLED!

This week of really trying to refine listening and heeding what God was trying to tell me about hunger and satisfaction really paid off. I have officially released the 5 pounds I so desperately wanted to.

Affter posting about what to do if we aren’t seeing the scale go down, *I* wasn’t seeing the scale go down. I am so thankful that I took on the task of really getting down to evaluating if I wasn’t “cheating” about 0 and 5.

That makes a definite 30 lbs that have been released! YAY! God has done it…that is for sure.

I am thrilled.

Here is to the next 10, 20 or 30 if God so leads!