In Isaiah 43:19, which I am meditating on these days, there is this wonderful little sentence:

“See, I am doing a new thing!”

Followed by this: “Now it springs up.”

The imagery that comes to my mind with the words “Now it springs up” is something sudden, unexpected and surprising!

I love this. Jesus has a HUGE grin on his own face. He holds my face in his loving hands with a great big smile and a laughing tone filled with love and compassion…”See? Heidi, are you LISTENING to me? What I am doing is nothing like you have ever seen before, child! I am doing something altogether fresh and new! Watch this! It will SPRING up and take you by surprise!”

The imagery of something springing up makes me laugh. Have you ever been to one of those water parks or Disneyland where they have the place where children (and brave adults) walk through the area that has holes in the ground with fountains that irregularly pop up and shoot water straight up? All of the laughter and joy that is there as people dodge in and out of the holes waiting to be “surprised” by the cool clear water springing up suddenly makes me think that this is the sort of delight that God fully expects I will get out of what He is about in my life even now.

Thank you, Lord! I giggle along with you!