I was taking the time to clean (gasp!) my kitchen this morning. I discovered a pan of brownies that hadn’t been completely eaten. All that was left were my favorite parts–the edges. I couldn’t believe it. It must have been there, I hate to admit, for a week! Has God done a work in me or what?

Last week when the kids and I were eating out (something that we are reducing the frequency of), I wanted a grilled chicken sandwich. I felt like I just couldn’t handle a burger or fried chicken or the other options I usually have. We went to a place that offered that and I had half of that and one french fry. MIRACLE! I didn’t even want more fries. I didn’t even want the one, but thought that it sure seemed weird of COURSE I want the fries…nope. I had one and felt YUCK, so didn’t have any more.

Another thing that has happened lately…if I am busy like in the middle of stuff (happening a lot lately with as busy as I am) and I get to a “0”…I don’t stop everything to go feed the 0. It is so bizarre to realize that I don’t panic at 0 any more. This, too, is a total miracle. I find myself hanging out at 0 not because I want to control it or “ride the 0” as I don’t believe that is godly at all…but because I don’t *have* to drop everything to have the very coveted chance to eat…I used to lust literally for 0 so I could eat. It just isn’t that big of a deal…most of the time, anyhow. Isn’t that weird?

If you knew me, you would know it is. God IS doing a new thing! When I named this blog, I did so fearful….I was afraid to believe Him for a new thing…wow. He is doing a TRUCKLOAD of new things! THANK YOU LORD!