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But there was another angle to this story that I had no idea of at that moment. The next week I had a mammogram, followed by another mammogram and an ultra-sound. I learned that I had ominous tumors in both breasts and went for a biopsy. By December 10, I knew they were malignant!

Where had God been? Why had He let me down? This couldn’t happen to me– not in my family, not to someone who took such good care of my health and nutrition… On my life journey, I found myself at a scarey intersection of Faith and Fear. Which road would I take from here on out?.

I looked at the street signs and pleaded with God to keep me on the Faith path. Suddenly, the words came back, loud and clear and reassuring: “Thou wilt keep Him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.”

Ah! Yes, Lord, You gave me this message a month ago not just to share with my prayer group. You knew I was going to need it for myself– desperately need it. Thank You Lord!

A year and a half later, I can say that the truth of this verse has kept me on the Faith road. When I went into surgery, I focused on Him and He held me close. I came out into recovery quoting Scripture and singing His praises. Later, when I learned that my cancer was metastasized to my vertebra, my Father opened my eyes to see His smiling face still reassuring me. And when the day came that the doctor looked at my PET scan and told me that, after 3 months of non-chemo treatments, I was in remission, I knew His peace not just because all was looking good. I knew His peace, because He had been teaching me how to focus every day, not on the problem or the threat of what might lie ahead, but on Him.

Writing Lord, Show Me Your Glory several years before my cancer, had expanded my vision of God so much that it prepared me to keep my focus when the going got tough. I pray God will use it to do the same thing for you, regardless of what your intersections of Faith and Fear may look like.

Ethel Herr
©2010 Ethel Herr

Which path will you choose for the circumstances you currently face? Faith or fear?

Bringing it home: Select your favorite bible translation. Memorize Isaiah 26:3 in that version of the bible. Take time daily to pray through it.