Yesterday, I was really challenged with this. Would I choose praise? Or would I focus on the way I felt and the things I was facing? I battled with it more than I have in a long time. Perhaps it is no small wonder since I am spouting off about the Praise Changes Things here at the blog and in the project I am working on.

I found that it was like a runaway train. The longer I let it go undirected, the farther it took me into a dark place and the harder it was get out..

I have been trying to teach my kids to stop the “train” and to tell themselves the truth. The truth is, God is still on his throne. God is still at work in and through the circumstances. I need to learn this myself!

Today, I will choose to praise him.

When I head toward the snack foods to munch away my frustration or concern or anxiety, I will stop and spend 5 minutes praising God. That is my little boundary I choose to set for myself today. 🙂

Will you join me?

Share with us how it affects your eating and your life generally if you like!


Our contest drawing is one week from today. Between now and May 10th, comment here at the blog and be entered to win one of three copies of Ethel Herr’s book, Lord, Show Me Your Glory. I believe this book can help transform us as we embrace the Lord for who he is! He is amazing!