Hello to you all, Heidi’s friends!

Heidi and I recently met, first online, then in person at Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference. It took us no time to discover that we are of one mind and spirit. The focus of our lives is God.

For me, this has been a long journey in the godward direction. It came to a sort of high point several years ago when He allowed me to write Lord, Show Me Your Glory.

Still, the journey goes on and on. At times I almost lose sight of some of the more practical aspects of this core truth. Then God has His ways of bringing me back and pushing me forward. I want to share one of the most recent of these experiences.

A group of women in our church meets weekly for prayer. In the fall of October 2008, our focus was primarily the Presidential election. Very little turned out the way most of the women were sure God wanted it to. On Friday morning after the Tuesday election, a horrible heaviness and panic hung over the meeting. God had let us down! He had not heard our prayers. What would become of us now? Was there any hope left for this country?

Woman after woman spoke up, bemoaning our sad plight. I felt burdened in my spirit that something was terribly amiss here.

“O God, “I prayed, “I know You have not forsaken us. Hope will never die so long as You live. Surely You have a word for us in this perplexing hour.”

I waited in quietness and then the verse came flooding through my brain, soothing my heart. I’d memorized it back in my Bible college days, fifty years earlier, but hadn’t thought of it for some time now: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.” (Isaiah 26:3 KJV)

That was it, of course. So long as we looked at the circumstances, we would be held in the grip of fear. Only as we looked at Him would we find strength and courage to move forward with whatever He planned for us. And no matter how dark the days may grow ahead of us, His peace would always be available for our every hour of need.

As I pondered how to speak up and pass on this important message, one of the ladies said, “I think we should stop moaning about how things turned out and start praying for the people who’ve been elected.”

What a confirmation! God was in our midst and had it under control. When it came my turn to pray, the words tumbled out in glorious freedom– words of praise and worship centering on the God who would always be in control, even when we couldn’t see it.

©2010 Ethel Herr

Are you in a situation that challenges you? How might you choose to “stay your eyes” on God in this situation?

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