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Image Source: iStockPhoto

“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them.

– Jonah 2:8 NIV

This week has been challenging for me. No small wonder. Any time I decide to teach something, God wants to be sure I learn it. Often, I seem to insist on learning it the hard way.

So join me in my introspection. Is there any way that you cling to greed?

We are told in Colossians 3:5 that greed is idolatry. So, if I am clinging to the excessive quantities of food that I want to be able to enjoy, I am in essence clinging to a worthless idol.

So, here comes the kicker…

If I cling to an idol, I am at some level turning away from God’s love for me, according to Jonah 2:8.

So I am spending time right now evaluating this. “Lord, how is this true? In what way am I turning away from your love for me?”

– When I turn to my idol – food in excess – to comfort me, I miss out on the comfort that God might give me out of his love for me.

– When I turn to my idol – food in excess – I fail to experience the joy and celebration that God intends as I praise Him for good news!

– When I cling to my idol, he can’t put in my arms the gifts he intends…so, again, I turn away from his love.

The examples go on and on.

What are the things I turn to food outside of hunger and satisfaction to do for me? To comfort me. To celebrate with me. To keep me from being bored. To center me. That is the short list.

How About You?

1.) What are you looking to the “worthless idol” of food outside of hunger and satisfaction to do for you?

2.) In what ways are you likely to be missing out on experiencing God’s love by turning to food instead of to him?


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