Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

– Psalm 119:133 (NIV)

The definition I have been using of an idol is anything or anyone that I give the right or privilege to direct my steps–to impact my decisions. This may be somewhat vague–too vague to be helpful.

So, I have turned to an expert! Charles Stanley has a great podcast about Idols in the Life of the Believer. I found it on YouTube. Here it is:

Some highlights for me as I went through this for the third time:

God wants to reign supreme in my life. He will accept no challenges and no competitors for  His Lordship. The only way to keep idols out of my life is to keep up to date with what influences are present in my life is. Is it really  and only Christ? Is it pure obedience to him?

Or are there other things that influence me, challenge me, that I have to say, “God, well, yes, but…”

God says NO competition, no challengers, no competitors to your devotion and love to me.” We have to lay it down.

The only way to know how to deal with idols in our life is to ask ourselves the question of if I am willing to lay it down. With no anticipation and no promise of the future return, but am I willing to give it, no matter what. That’s hard. It depends on our value of that thing or person, relationship or whatever it may be, as to whether we are able to say, “Yes, Lord. Yes, whatever you want in my life, you are welcome to it.” It’s easy to say that, but it’s difficult to give it up.

God says he must reign supreme, absolutely in our lives. No competition in my life.

Questions posed by Dr. Stanley:

1. Are you walking in God’s plan for your life?

2. Is there anything that moves you in such a fashion that you would choose it over God? Is it more influential than God in certain situations.

3. Are you willing to lay it down and to trust him for his very best?

Don’t rationalize that “surely God wouldn’t want that…” If he puts his finger on it, we want to give it up. We will be richer by far for laying it down.

How does this connect with eating, overeating, “thinness,” and other issues that you struggle with? What is God calling you to lay down so that he may have supreme rulership in your life?