A video version of some thoughts I have today as we begin:

In case you don’t want to take the time or have the internet speed to watch a video, basically what I share is this:

As I launched myself into the HEAL book by Allie Smith and Judy Halliday earlier today–really for the first time–I was struck by a thought immediately…This is such a fresh presentation of a message that I have become so familiar with it has almost become “old hat.” I don’t think I even realized it…but I had become a bit callused, jaded…something was off and I didn’t even realize it until I saw a new way of saying something that I have heard and written, spoken and read for years…My reaction to seeing it “done differently” showed me that I had kind of gotten skeptical or something! Not of the message, but of me or of the Lord’s ability to affect me…I don’t know. :-/

I was surprised by joy as I opened the cover of my HEAL book and began to read Acknowledgements and other introductory material. I appreciated Allie’s humility as she mentioned that Jesus met her in her brokenness and “breathed life into the empty parts of [her] soul.” This is a lady I can identify with.

In the Introduction, she mentioned “rising above the strongholds of food, eating, and body image”…amen. I am so done with strongholds in any form. The sanitized, “sanctified” versions of the very same strongholds that plague so many of our pre-Christian girlfriends, have assaulted the church of God and God’s precious daughters…including me!


Let’s get right down to it…NOW. 🙂

Today I would like anyone who wants to see personal transformation in their life to evaluate:

“What am I willing to do to see change in my life?”

“Am I willing to experience some pain?” (Change IS often painful!)

“Am I willing to be vulnerable?”

This is a shared journey as Allie and Judy say on page 10.

What are you and I willing to do…what WILL we do…to be sure we aren’t isolating (which is where sin breeds more sin and shame breeds more shame) so that we can experience the personal transformation and abundant life that Jesus came to earth, died and rose again so that we might experience?

Feel free to answer here at the blog. I look forward to your responses! 🙂