Hi, everyone! Have a wonderful Lord’s Day! Today, I will relish the presence of God in the wilderness.

Last night, I confessed during bedtime prayers with my son and husband that I was anxious about today…helping on the worship team with songs that are out of my voice range…or certainly at the higher end AND having to play chords that I prefer to avoid (F# and G#m…ugh…) all at the same time. My son prayed that I would be filled with “a spirit of worship.” Oh wow…how perfect is that prayer.

I pray that all of us might be filled with a spirit…Spirit (big “S” perhaps, as it is the HOLY Spirit that floods us with a desire to worship the true God of the universe instead of to bow to self or something else!)…of worship today. May we bow before the true God and be flooded full of a desire to worship him no matter what circumstances face us!

About the HEAL study:

The assignment for this week from the HEAL book is as follows:

  • Read the beginning material…The Acknowledements, Introduction, Endorsements, and How to Use this Book. Based on this material, answer these questions:

1.) How does the author strike you? What does she seem to be like?
2.) What connection does she say this material has with Thin Within and/or Judy Halliday, if any? Does this connection encourage you? Concern you? Why? Why not?
3.) Consider inviting a friend on this HEAL journey with you…there are “Accountability Moments” throughout. Create a plan for using those to maximize all that these next 6 weeks can be for you. Options include: a real life friend who goes through the material, too; an online friend who goes through it too; or someone in email or who you can talk to on the phone who will just be there for you to process with when these “accountability moments” come up; someone to pray for you as well; lead a group through HEAL and take advantage of that as an opportunity for accountability; use this blog as a place to be accountable; create or write in your own blog as a place to be accountable and then tell us about it.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways of being accountable.

  • Do Lesson 1: You Are Wonderfully Made, pages 15-29.
  • Prepare for the Group Study on pages 31-33
  • Additional Challenge: Memorize Psalm 139 – which provides a foundation for this study
  • By Friday, we will do the “Group Study” here at the blog and I will look forward to seeing your thoughts about this week. We will spend Friday (maybe even sooner) and any time through the weekend, interacting about the Group Study pages.

If you are not able to join us with the HEAL book, no worries! I trust that there will be something in the posts and dialog that others can glean from, even if they aren’t studying the HEAL book.

Pray for a willing heart to sustain you! Until the pain of staying where we are, overcomes the pain of moving forward toward change, we are bound to staying stuck. Let’s agree to ask God that he will give us the motivation to become “unstuck!” Even if it is painful! (Do we dare?)

Love in Christ,