My wonderful friend, Barb Raveling, just posted a GREAT post to her blog the other day. It is too good NOT to share it with you. Pop on over to her blog and read:

The Social Pressure to Eat – 7 Beliefs That Make Us Cave In

I hope you will let Barb know that you were there.

How About You?

Which of the lies are you most likely to believe in the moment you feel pressure to eat outside of 0 and 5?

Which truth can you use to replace the lie? You can choose Barb’s or one of your own.

Can you begin now–before the temptation strikes–to renew your mind–to change your thinking–with these truths, knowing that you may very well face the challenge to believe these lies?

Can you think of any other lies that you face during this season? What corresponding truths can you embrace?

I would love to hear from you!