Screen shot of the notes on my phone

Last week I posted about the battle I was going through.  I wanted to give an update.

As I said in the post, my battle plan was:  to be in the Word, to pray, to thank the Lord, to read my truth cards, to renew my mind, to keep pressing on!

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing!  And God has been faithful to help me this week!  Praise God!

Each morning, before I even get out of bed, I read the Bible, followed by reading my truth cards, my notes on my phone, journaling, and sometimes Thin Within (which I started reading again this past week).  This starts my day on the right foot and gets my mind in the right place.

Another thing I have been making more of an effort in doing is journaling.  When I have overeaten, I will write about it in my journal afterwards.  Usually, the overeating takes place at night, so I will write about it in the morning.  There have also been times when the enemy has attacked my mind with thoughts about going back to dieting, so I have been truth journaling about why that’s not something I or God wants me to do.  I will write every truth I can think of to dissolve the lie the enemy is throwing at me.  It’s been SO good to journal more!

I’ve also been setting a timer on my phone which prompts me to open my notes on my phone displaying three scriptures (which I share a screen shot of above).  It’s amazing how having those reminders during the day really makes a difference.

Can I encourage you to start your truth cards if you haven’t already?  There is power in the Word of God!  It becomes clear to me more and more about how important it is for me to read those cards each day.  I have literally watched the Lord transform my life in the area of eating and all it’s taken is me taking the time to read those truth-packed cards.  Renewing our mind is so important: change begins WITHIN!

The evening has been the hardest for me lately.  Because of where I am at in my pregnancy (baby is bulking up), I’m starting to get a little hungrier.  For awhile there I wasn’t hungry enough to eat in the evening, but now I am finding that I am hungry and need to eat.  The interesting thing is that even if I’m at a “0” and I eat, the enemy tries to condemn me for eating.  It’s probably because I was making such an effort to not eat if I wasn’t at a “0” before.  The condemnation was the driving force behind me thinking that I can’t trust myself, that I need to go on a diet after pregnancy, and blah, blah, blah.  That’s where the battle would begin in my mind.  So I continue to press on with the Lord by doing my part in renewing my mind and He does the rest.  Praise God!

Friends, let’s continue to press on with the Lord in this journey toward becoming thin within.  It starts with our mind.  As God continues to do His mighty work within us, it will become evident outside of us!

How about you? 

Do you feel like you are still in the heavy part of the battle?  Are you putting on the full armor of God each day?  Will you join me in spending time in the Word and renewing your mind with your truth cards?  The enemy is the Father of lies, but God will dissolve every lie the enemy throws at us.  God is so good–all the time!

Written by: Christina