Hi, Everyone.


The excitement is building across the internet (aren’t I dramatic? :-)) as the Thin Within study commences Monday, June 14th,  at a variety of venues! I am thrilled to see so many people participating and raring to go.

If you want to get a jump start, please feel free to read the following before Monday (You may want to be sure you have a journal at the ready…and your Bible, too!):

  • Title page  – If you are new to Thin Within, why do you suppose the authors chose the title/name they did? What does it say to you? Note the subtitle. Why do you think the authors chose that sub-title? Note the authors’ names. You will be getting to know them in the days ahead! And lookee! 🙂 My name is there, too! 🙂 Sally Rackets, the illustrator, has done a masterful job in creating illustrations that help make this book what it is. Be sure, before you leave this page, to  note the publisher…Thomas Nelson is a great publisher of reliable Christian material for walking with God. You can get to know the CEO of Thomas Nelson by visiting Michael Hyatt at his blog.
  • Read the Table of Contents pages to get a feel for how the book is divided and the theme the authors chose to use throughout. There are three parts. Note what each part is called and consider why this might be the case. These will be important! 
  • Read the acknowledgments and, as you do, note what seems to be important to the authors. I know this is the part of a book we usually skip, but you can learn a lot about an author by having a look at what they say in this part of the book. Underline each time the Hallidays mention anything having to do with the Lord. What does this lead you to conclude?
  • Read the About the Authors section. Highlight anything with which you can identify in your  journey. Again, note to whom the Hallidays give credit. How does this make you feel as you begin this journey?

This study is going on at a number of venues across the internet. The Lord  reaches out to each of us where we are! He sees us in our need and bridges any gap. So whether you are a Facebooker or a TW forum participant or a SparkPeople person…whatever it might be, God is wooing YOU! 🙂

Right now, these are the “places” on the web where the study may be experienced at some level–if you have friends who tend to prefer any of these venues over another, please let them know! They can join us at any of these options! What the study becomes at each venue will be up to the Lord and how he uses those who “show up” at each!

Once each week, I will post assignments, supplementary content, questions for discussion and the like. I will do this at each venue, basically copying and pasting so that each venue gets the same material. The responses will be varied because the participants will be varied. If one venue doesn’t seem rich enough or deep enough for you, try another!

These are the locations:

My blog (right here). While it is a bit difficult to discuss the material at the blog like we can on a forum or in a Yahoo or Facebook group, we can nevertheless try to do so in the comments. Feel free to subscribe to the blog to have updates e-mailed to you as well as be sure to subscribe to the comments so you get follow up comments to anything *you* post! The drawback to subscribing in the RSS feed, of course, is that if I post additional content not specifically related to the study of the book, you will get that content as well. Another drawback, perhaps, to the blog is that there isn’t much privacy. Anyone can see comments made during our discussion.

Truly TW Yahoo Group provides opportunities for people to have discussion comments go directly to their email if they like. When discussions are lively, however, this can mean a larger volume of email. If you choose this venue, you can set your email “message rules” for the discussion emails to land in a folder of their own to help keep things sorted for you. Or, you can just visit the Yahoo site to see the messages posted and never receive an email. The limitations of using our TrulyTW Yahoo group require that videos that I might use will be dependent on an external link. I think that is the primary drawback. The Yahoo group does offer an opportunity to make something more private as only those who sign up for the group will see the posts and you can send a comment to a person’s private email if that is necessary. Be sure to register for the group ahead of time. 🙂

Thin Within Facebook Page – This is a great option for those who like Facebook. It includes the option to embed videos, share photos, discussion, etc. I find it best for short conversations, though, not for interactions at length. It is a “semi-private” option. Less private than the Yahoo Group, but not as public as the blog.  Be sure to get an account ahead of time.

Official Thin Within Forum – This is a great opportunity to interact with people in a larger community. When you visit the forums to participate in the book study, you may also see many many other discussions you can benefit from–all about Thin Within, the programs, books, and process! You have to register with the forum administrator (I am one!) and comments in the book discussion are viewable by *anyone*…not just forum members. So it is as “non-private” as any of the options. A big benefit to this location is this venue offers the most comprehensive resources for this journey! 🙂

Spark People Thin Within Spark Team – Those of us who have a history of misusing graphs and charts–of being obsessed–may feel best when we guard ourselves from a site like SparkPeople. It is a diet-fanatic’s dream with graphs, charts galore… I have established a Spark Team for Thin Within so that if anyone wants to break free from the dieting treadmill, there is an option there. I will post my comments and discussion questions at this site. This is the most limited, I think, of all the venues. Any videos or supplementary content will have to be clicked on and taken to an external site. You have to be a member of SparkPeople to become a part of the team.

I would like to encourage anyone who really believes that God is doing a new thing (and we KNOW he is!) to set up a blog and start blogging! Once you do that, please share the link with us here! I would love to see what God is up to in your life! Each day you blog, just post in the comments section if you like giving us the link! That would be awesome!

To summarize, I will post once each week (and possibly some other content during the week) at all of these venues. However, if there is a video to embed that will happen here and at the Facebook page. Links will be provided at the other locations. Go with caution to the sites. It is always tricky to visit YouTube directly. I much prefer embedding the links to avoid stumbling upon inappropriate content often found at YouTube.

Comments are welcome at any of the venues, of course! I hope this isn’t too confusing. Just pick your favorite venue and dive in on Monday June 14th. Show up whenever you can. Post questions, comments, responses.

Additionally, I will offer at least 6 opportunities for anyone who is able to gather at the Thin Within website chat area for a one hour chat to ask questions, get and offer support. I will post days, times, and details about how to do that in the days ahead,

This will give anyone who is able to join us a chance to do that in a celebratory, supportive environment in real time! 🙂
Don’t miss your final opportunity (for now) to win a Thin Within book. One more copy will be given away Sunday night. Comment here at this blog to have your name entered in a drawing to win. Winner’s name will be posted on Sunday night. Once I get your mailing information, I will send it priority mail. You will have your new book, potentially, by Wednesday or Thursday! 

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday as we launch our study!