This could be YOUR lucky week! 🙂

Heidi and Christina welcome you to join them for a 10-week Thin Within small coaching group experience!

We’re giving away a scholarship to the upcoming Coaching Group session!!!

A $350 value! 🙂

(Actually, we think that it is worth way more than that! At least to US as we LOVE LOVE LOVE our coaching group participants!)

To qualify, please comment below with your answers to the following questions.

  1. Why do you need this coaching?
  2. How will this coaching change your life?
  3. What food, that’s been on on your “no-no” list, will you be able to enjoy freely?

Please be sure to scroll on down and answer these questions in the comments to be considered as our Grand Prize Winner! 😀

WHY do we consider Thin Within Coaching Groups the ultimate Thin Within experience?


1.) Two coaches join together with 8 students for an intimate, deep dive into Thin Within for 10 weeks. We will provide you with more inspiring input and supply more effective strategies than Heidi offers even in 1-on-1 coaching!

2.) The other 7 students will contribute to your journey just as you will have insights and wisdom that may shed light on theirs!

3.) Heidi Bylsma works with Judy Halliday extensively, having collaborated on the writing of the Thin Within book and also the Thin Within Workbook series. In 2006 to 2007, using the Thin Within principles, Heidi released 100 pounds and kept a healthy size for 7 years. Heidi has joined you in the trenches, now, as she seeks to release weight that has returned to her frame due to a lack of diligence to renew her mind during a health crisis, and all that has been entailed in the dismantling of her 33-year marriage. She wrote the Fresh Wind Fresh Desire curriculum to share insights gleaned on her 18-year Thin Within journey.

Heidi – Before

Heidi – After (She has temporarily gained weight since this photo was taken!)

4.) Christina Motley has coached others with Heidi Bylsma for the past 2 years. Christina has been involved in Thin Within for a long while and uses her experience and enthusiasm as well as her brilliance 🙂 to contribute to the Fresh Wind Fresh Desire curriculum and to our small coaching groups in a powerful way. Her “Porch Chats” provide continued encouragement and inspiration to our coachees–all new content created each week, often in response to questions or concerns raised during our group coaching calls. Learn the tips, tricks, tools that both of these women use for victory.  Discover (and avoid) the pitfalls that keep you from victory on your journey. (Heidi has learned the hard way that when she stops using the tools, over-eating becomes an issue again…even after 7 years of maintaining a healthy size!)

5.) Facebook Group support all day every day where the 10 of us meet:

  • Use the group for accountability by checking in each day if you like!
  • Share prayer requests and praises about your journey specifically.
  • Ask questions and get feedback from 9 others, including at least 2 veterans (the coaches are veterans, but many of the people who sign up for the coaching groups are veterans as well)
  • When you need immediate prayer support and encouragement, you can post to our Facebook group.
  • Porch Chat videos by Christina available and uploaded 2x a week.
  • Heart 2 Heart videos by Heidi available and uploaded once a week.
  • Other helpful files made available in the Facebook group

6.) This is the closest thing we have to an “Insider’s Club!” 🙂 All of us in the coaching group will become great friends with one another over the 10 weeks together. Many of our participants so far have continued to meet together!

7.) You WILL experience victory if you participate! We know this will UNSTICK you! If you haven’t seen ALL the details, including a video or two to show you what’s up, visit this page.

What questions do you have about our coaching groups? Christina and Heidi will be hosting a Facebook Live event on Thursday, March 29th at 10am PDT, 11am MDT, 12pm CDT, 1pm EDT. Visit Heidi’s profile page and keep refreshing until you see a live video. If you miss it, you can always catch the recording.

Remember! To be considered for a full scholarship in a coaching group this Spring, please answer the questions at the top of this post by typing your comments below and we will be selecting a “blessed winner” who will get free access to be in a coaching group from the week of April 2-June 3rd.