FAQ: Confused? Thin Within: Where do I BEGIN?!?

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We continue to ask (and answer) questions here at the blog in a new series…called our FAQ series! These will be questions that are relevant to you. In fact, we would love to hear from you! If you have a question about Thin Within, chances are, someone else has the same question! Please share your questions with us using the form at the very bottom of this blog post and we hope to get an answer out very soon!

Question from Marcia (Thank you for your question, Marcia!):

I am brand new to TW and do not yet have any of the books or workbooks. Where would you recommend for a newbie to start? I am hoping to join the next FB group in maybe May, but right now I am just gleaning from the blog and videos. Thank you!

The absolute best place to start is with the Thin Within Jump Start Training! It can be sent to you via email or you can access it at the Thin Within Academy. We are upgrading it a bit (version 2.0, don’t ya know! :-))  and I think that is the best way to go personally. But click this link to find the Jump Start Training at the Thin Within Academy. Or you can click the photo at the top of this blog post!

The Jump Start training is a great way to get your feet wet in Thin Within. So that is the best place to begin. We have 30 days of emails (or posts at the Academy) that you can do. It breaks down some of the basics into the most manageable bite size pieces. We cover a bit about mind renewal, about the mechanics of eating the Thin Within way, activity and it’s place, ways to think differently about food, eating, emotions, etc…and more!

Why not join us by starting with this easy-to-do beginners training? Or, if you are a veteran who needs a “refresher” course, you could try Jump Start as well!

What questions do YOU have?

We are eager to continue this FAQ series with questions that you have and would like an answer to. If you have a question, please use the form below. No one else will see your question or email address.

Thanks so much! Let us know how we can help or serve you!

One Response to FAQ: Confused? Thin Within: Where do I BEGIN?!?

  1. Marcia (Mar-see-uh) March 27, 2018 at 1:03 pm #

    Awesome! I will go and check it out now, Heidi. Thank you so much. I have been on a journey with the Lord concerning my overeating, my addiction to sweets and carbs, and my lack of obedience since 2009. Through this journey, I have found so much freedom and have let go of so much junk from my past, but I have recently been buried under shame and frustration after a (significant) gain in the past year. I “stumbled” (more like He led me!) across Thin Within while looking at an eating plan I remember my grandma doing way back in the 80’s…but it had no grace. After reading just a day or two on this website, my heart was elated with joy and His total PEACE about beginning this part of my journey! No “bad” foods? No counting calories? No points? Just 0 to 5 eating with Jesus?!?!? Daddy, you and I can do this together! ♥️

    Anyway, I am already starting week 2 of learning 0-5 eating, and I am even more excited about surrendering more to Him on this journey. God bless you all!

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