Welcome to our series of “Frequently Asked Questions” about Thin Within.

Over the next few months, we will be asking (and answering) questions here at the blog in a new series…called our FAQ series! These will be questions that are relevant to you. In fact, we would love to hear from you! If you have a question about Thin Within, chances are, someone else has the same question! Please share your questions with us using the form at the very bottom of this blog post and we hope to get an answer out very soon!

What is Thin Within?


  • Thin Within is not a diet.
  • Thin Within is not an endorsement for severe restriction.
  • Thin Within has no rules and no off-limits foods lists.
  • Thin Within is not a “quick fix” for extra weight or to cure eating disorders–please be sure to check with your medical and/or mental health professionals before starting this program.
  • Thin Within does not work well in combination with a diet.
  • Thin Within is not for the person who wants to keep their spiritual life separate from their eating and emotional life.

What Thin Within is…:

  • …a non-diet approach to lasting peace with your body, food, eating.
  • …a mindful, intuitive method for eating each meal (ANYtime food crosses your lips it is a “meal,” an opportunity for delight and nourishment!).
  • …liberating, as you enjoy any food you desire between the parameters of physical hunger and satisfaction.
  • …a refreshing way of being drawn into closeness with God.

Thin Within…

  • …requires no weighing and measuring of your food, no counting points, blocks, grams, calories, and absolutely no purchasing or preparing special foods for an event or on vacation.
  • …leaves label surfing behind forever.
  • …teaches you to begin to notice how different foods make your body feel when you are physically hungry and have a small portion and, when hungry, to select more and more of the “whole body pleasers” that you enjoy and that are beneficial for your body.
  • …encourages being adventurous in trying new recipes, new foods, new ways of preparing wholesome foods that you select!

Heidi “Before” Thin Within

Heidi – “After” Christmas 2007

Since 1999, when I stopped dieting and exercising obsessively, I have learned wonderful tools for teaching myself to think differently. This has had a huge impact on me as I act on what I BELIEVE and what I BELIEVE is drastically impacted by what I tell myself all the time. So, if I speak TRUTH to myself ALL THE TIME–that my body is fearfully and wonderfully made, that my body is remarkably efficient and needs less food than I can imagine, if I tell myself the truth frequently that I am being strengthened by the Holy Spirit to do “all things” through Christ, including stopping overeating, then I will begin to believe it and if I believe it, I will act on it.


I need to speak the TRUTH to myself and reject all LIES I tell myself. // The more I speak the TRUTH, the more I will BELIEVE the truth.// I will then ACT on what I BELIEVE.

So, while Thin Within is very much about an alternative to dieting, it is so much more. It isn’t an “eating plan” like many other programs. It is, more accurately, an entire discipleship program! If you want to connect with God, this is a great choice whether you have food, eating, body image issues or not!

We have a number of resources:

  • Thin Within Academy – has 4 programs available (a 5th–our “vault” will be opened soon and it includes all of Christina’s Porch Chats and all of my Heart 2 Hearts).
    1. Think Thin Within – a digital program about how to think differently so you can act differently
    2. Thin Within Book Digital Companion – a fresh spin on a tried and true presentation of Thin Within from the 2002 or 2005 edition of the THin Within book.
    3. 30-Day Jump Start Training – our free introduction
    4. Thin Within: Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire – Currently available only for our small coaching group participants, this curriculum brings anything and everything about Thin Within and puts it all in one place!
  • Books 
    1. Thin Within – A Grace-Oriented Approach to Lasting Weight Loss
    2. Hunger Within – A Biblical Approach to Weight Management
    3. Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World – Written by the founder of Thin Within, Judy Halliday, and a pediatrician, the “Fit Kids” book is written for parents of kids to teach them how to pass on Thin Within eating and principles to their children.
    4. H.E.A.L. Healthy Eating, Abundant Living – Your Diet-Free, Faith-Filled Guide to a Fabulous Life

(Email me to purchase the pdf files instead. (Heidi Bylsma at gmail dot com))

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