Winter 2017/2018

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Right now…November 28th – 29th midnight, we are offering a 30% off with Coupon Code REDEEM for registering for The Christmas Crush Training using the Thin Within Book Digital Companion. Check this link to learn more, including a video describing a bit of what is to come. We begin December 1st if you want to join our community on Facebook to support and share together. Using the Thin Within book and the NEW Digital Companion, together we will experience victory this holiday season. 



Heidi Bylsma


Christina Motley


$39 to Purchase through December 5th. Enjoy using the material perpetually.

There will be no expiration date for accessing your Thin Within Book Digital Companion.

Thin Within Workbook 1 Class – free!

Class closed.

We are thrilled to announce that, starting September 18th and going through the week of December 20th, we will be enjoying a Workbook 1 class. We are now taking signups! Jonathan Blackburn, a veteran Thin Within leader and participant is leading you on this journey bumping right up against the holidays, giving you an opportunity to have support during a season that can really challenge us.

You will need a copy of  Thin Within Workbook #1: Discovering God’s Master Plan (Rebuilding God’s Temple

Break free with us from the hold dieting, chronic over-exercise, and overeating have had on our lives. This 13 week class will be a large group…can you stay committed through the holidays? We know you can!!! Do it with Jonathan’s leadership and the camaraderie of others on the same path!


  1. Visit Heidi on Facebook.
  2. Click on ADD FRIEND.
  3. Heidi will accept your friend request.
  4. Private message Heidi on Facebook Messenger and let her know that you want to be added to the new workbook 1 class.
  5. Be sure to get the workbook from Amazon, or email Heidi at and request an invoice to purchase the printable pdf workbook for $20.
  6. Once you are added to the FB secret group, be sure to introduce yourself!
 Jonathan Blackburn  Begins week of September 18th through Week of December 20th.

Thin Within Coaching Groups

Coming January of 2018!! 

We never dreamed it could happen, but the FIVE coaching groups are all full. 

We will do it again in 2018, so we will leave this description here for you to see it!

Christina and Heidi are taking groups of 6 on an intimate 10-week  journey of the heart and mind this Fall.

We have discovered that coaching groups are much more effective for experiencing transformation. 

  • Accountability and support within the group are a vital part of these coaching groups.
  • Enjoy the enthusiasm and experience of two coaches for this more intimate journey.
  • An hour-long weekly conference call with AnyMeeting (accessible with a computer or phone)
  • Intimate interactions and discussion with your fellow group members and your TWO coaches (Heidi and Christina) via Facebook Secret Group.
  • We begin the week of September 18th and will end the week of November 20th.
  • The curriculum is provided free of charge, but we *are* charging for our coaching groups.
 Heidi Bylsma


Christina Motley


Week of January 6th through March 11th. More info to come

From Group Coaching Participants:

I was in the first coaching group and did not do the latest one…it was awesome! First, you feel much more of a sense of camaraderie with fellow Thin Within sisters when you do it, and that carries over into feeling that way about people not even in the TW coaching group, but those that I come across on Think Thin Within (the Facebook Group) or just the regular discussion group. Getting to know each other and have even closer contact with Christina and Heidi is awesome! I love the videos both of them do for the groups. It’s a great renewing the mind method to get one of their videos and listen to it or watch it whenever you’d like. The weekly phone calls were great, because they got everyone talking together and sharing. ~ Shelly

If you are on the fence about joining one of Heidi and Christina’s small coaching groups, please listen up!!!  I was in their very first session, and loved it so much I continued on with the second session!!! I am thriving in the safe and loving “nest” they have created to help us “baby birds” (my term, not theirs) grow and learn to FLY!!! I love the fellowship, and the grace-based accountability is *exactly* what I need to help me “walk in the light” in this soooo-difficult area that I have been struggling with for *years,* and that I have preferred hiding and staying in the dark in.  Through the wisdom and gracious, loving leadership of Heidi and Christina (and the others in the group, too!), my thinking is getting transformed and my heart healed! (Plus ~ bonus! ~ I have lost 23 pounds!) So I want to gently ~ but loudly ~ beckon you to hop OFF that fence and join us in the fragrant, green “small coaching group” pasture!!! IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!! ~ Barb

 Image of Thin Within Book CoverThin Within  – Free!

Many have asked about a class that is not hosted on Facebook. We have delivered! This is an on-going, self-paced study of the Thin Within trade book.  To participate in this class, simply visit this website. To start at the beginning, go to this page. We hope that you will comment and interact with one another to establish a bit of community. Please keep in mind that this is not a private venue like the Facebook groups, so when you register for a WordPress account to use, you may want to use a pseudonym. We have veterans who visit frequently to encourage you in your journey and respond to any questions you may have. Come on along! 🙂

 Heidi Bylsma  Ongoing-Work at your own pace!

Prefer Self-Pacing to go through Workbook #1?

 You can also go through the material on your own any time you like. You can request to join our “secret Facebook group” where discussion is ongoing (you have to friend request Heidi Bylsma, first). Even without others to join you, you can enjoy the audios and assignments (including video) available for you here:

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These are optional for study, but you will not regret having them! Other resources:

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