Spring 2017!

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[Note: For those of you unfamiliar with our Facebook classes, all our groups are “secret,” which means that no one can see your feed from our class except others in the class. In fact, no one can tell the class/group even exists unless they are a member of the class. Your comments and membership remain undisclosed to family and friends who aren’t in the class too.]

Joe and Pam man the phone for Thin Within. They are available at 877 729-8932 Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm Eastern Time. 

Image of Workbook 2 Cover

Workbook #2

Thin Within Workbook #2 Online Group – Free!

February 13– May 7   This study, “Laying a Godly Foundation,”  is a continuation of principles and essential themes of the foundation material in Workbook One.  Patricia Hodson and Kathryn Felts will facilitate the class.  To join, please do the following  three things:

1) Visit Patricia Hodson’s Facebook page and click “Add Friend.”


Kathryn Felts

Patricia Hodson

Patricia Hodson

2)  Leave Patricia a message that you want to join the workbook two class starting in February.

3) Purchase Workbook Two.

The prerequisite for this class is the completion of Workbook One or the Trade Book.   Registration closed.   If this is your first time through this workbook or if you are returning,  we welcome you and look forward to the amazing things God has planned for our class.




 Feb. 13 – May 7

“Choose Your Workbook” Combo Class  – Free!

Combo Class!

Combo Class”Choose Your Workbook” Combo Class

Are you –
  • Ready to ditch the dieting mentality?
  • Looking for a support system to encourage you along your journey?
  • Want to be in a group filled with successful veterans and enthusiastic newbies all at the same time?

Join Sara and co-leader, Jonathan Blackburn, for our a 12-week study of the foundations of Thin Within beginning Monday, March 20th. In this class, everyone chooses which of the 4 Thin Within workbooks they will use.

The Thin Within approach is a non-diet, grace-oriented approach to lasting weight loss. It involves no calorie or fat gram counting, nor weighing or measuring food. Thin Within teaches how to choose wisely when eating a variety of foods in response to the natural God given signals of hunger and satisfaction. As a result, participants eat less food and naturally melt down to the size God intended. Success is not in following food rules, but rather in experiencing the transforming power of God’s grace which empowers us to live the abundant life in Christ.
With God’s strength, we can overcome temptation and find true comfort in biblical solutions to deal with everyday frustrations. God provides a permanent solution rather than a quick fix.
This class is for those –
  • new to Thin Within who want to study the principles of Thin Within and get rid of diet rules…
  • those looking to repeat a Workbook…
  • those ready to study another Workbook…

    Sara Brookshire

    Sara Brookshire – Leader

  • veterans looking for continued support and encouragement….
The theme each week is the same, regardless of the Workbook.
Those new to Thin Within will need to order Workbook#1 and others can choose from any of the four Workbooks.
To join this class –

1) Click on this link to visit Sara on Facebook. ….

Jonathan - Co-Leader

Jonathan – Co-Leader

2) Click on ADD FRIEND
3) Send Sara a message that you want to be added to the March class
    – Steps 2 and 3 are required to be added to the class.
4) Purchase your Workbook
5) Watch for introductions around the first week of March
Registration Closed.


 March 20th – June 12th

 Image of Thin Within Book CoverThin Within  – Free!

Many have asked about a class that is not hosted on Facebook. We have delivered! This is an on-going, self-paced study of the Thin Within trade book.  To participate in this class, simply visit this website. To start at the beginning, go to this page. We hope that you will comment and interact with one another to establish a bit of community. Please keep in mind that this is not a private venue like the Facebook groups, so when you register for a WordPress account to use, you may want to use a pseudonym. We have veterans who visit frequently to encourage you in your journey and respond to any questions you may have. Come on along! 🙂

 Heidi Bylsma  Ongoing-Work at your own pace!

Prefer Self-Pacing to go through Workbook #1?

 You can also go through the material on your own any time you like. You can request to join our “secret Facebook group” where discussion is ongoing (you have to friend request Heidi Bylsma, first). Even without others to join you, you can enjoy the audios and assignments (including video) available for you here:

Additional Support:

Resources we Use and Make Reference to:

These are optional for study, but you will not regret having them! Other resources:

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