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This 12 week bible study is the backbone of the Thin Within ministry with:
  • 12 weekly lessons
  • 80 daily bible studies
Thin Within Bible Study
Package Includes:
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Leave the Boat

Recently, I have  been going thru some of my Hunger Within journals from the last two times I’ve been through the book. In one of my journals, I came across an entry that touched my heart. In this entry, the Lord invited me to let go of my own control and submerge myself completely in […]

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Keys to Conscious Eating

  I hope that you woke up this morning, with these thoughts on your heart… I am fearfully and wonderfully made! We can believe it! You know what? Here’s the thing…if our God is awesome (and I bet not a one of you reading this would say you don’t agree with that assertion), if he is so […]

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Taste and See

The spring 2016 Hunger Within class has started with a bang. I would like to say I am amazed at how similar our stories are, but I am not. We all have so much in common in our upbringings: as far as our weight goes, our skewed views of our bodies and that silent hunger […]

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Feeling Insecure

How many of us can relate to feeling insecure, especially when starting this “new way of eating”? Eating 0-5 does seem to “fly in the face” of what we hear and see around us in popular media! It is new and different and can cause a bit of anxiety at first. Whether you are new to Thin […]

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Releasing “weight”

My Thin Within journey hasn’t been so much about the physical weight, but more about the mental “weight”.  The weight of worrying about my body image, obsessing about food, fighting the diet mentality and temptation of going back to a diet, and bowing down to the skinny idol.  I’ve had people ask me why I’m […]

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God created…

Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness AND rivers in the dessert. Isaiah 43:19 Oh, how I dislike the beginning of the year. I even dislike it more now that I am on this journey with […]

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Christine’s Story

Author: Christine Lewis. As a recent college graduate who is in her first year of teaching, I stay pretty busy!  It can be really challenging to keep up with a diet and exercise plan. While in college it was even more challenging!  It was frustrating because I always felt like I should be losing weight […]

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Treats & Sweets

One of the biggest concerns I hear from those starting out on their Thin Within journey is about eating treats and sweets.  It’s like there is this fear that to eat them, and that if they do eat them, they are going to indulge so much and gain weight.  There is such a deep diet […]

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Renew, Refresh, Re-growth

Today, I am going to share about something that has been weighing on my heart and is something difficult to admit. Because of recent reactions of mine to things going on in my life, I had to ask myself this painful question: “Why do I still get upset when things in my life don’t go […]

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