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Keys To The Kingdom

Recently I posted a challenge on our Discussion and Support Facebook page. The challenge was to work on one of our keys to conscious eating by eliminating the television during meal time. Turn off the TV while eating! Get rid of the distraction. Why? Just to ruin our fun? Make meal time boring? No, not […]

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Smorgasbord by Lucinda Edwards

In the Hunger Within study group we work on removing our grave clothes. Grave clothes are all those emotions and feelings that are keeping us prisoner, binding us up and keeping us running to food for comfort. God showed me the scripture, “Teach me your ways, Lord, that I may walk in your truth.” (ISV […]

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Comfort Food

So many of us on Thin Within are in pain and hurting in various ways. We need comfort daily. We want relief from our pain; physical, emotional and spiritual. The reasons why we eat for comfort are a varied as the pains we bear. The word comfort is defined as; the state of physical ease, […]

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Sharing from Hunger Within

Here are some really helpful videos from the Hunger Within Class 2014. If you struggle with hurts from the past that trigger you to run to food for relief, Hunger Within is geared towards helping you. Listen and see how wonderful this material is, written by The Halliday’s. This is from chapter two, talking about […]

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Better or Worse?

For me, one of the  most fun tools we use in Thin Within is the “marble jar.” Even though I use it off and on, when I do, it is highly effective. Proverbs 11:23 says in NLT: The godly can look forward to a reward, while the wicked can expect only judgment. I don’t know […]

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Dissappointment by Rebecca Boucker

‘What ‘heart hunger’ tempts you to seek satisfaction/ relief in food when you are not physiologically hungry (at ‘0)?’ So read the question posed about week 8/9 on the Thin Within foundation course I was undertaking. I bumbled through an answer – something like boredom, sometimes habit, maybe fear or anxiety. But I wasn’t satisfied […]

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Safety Net

What or who catches you when you fall? When you slip up or trip up, fall off the horse, lose your balance and end up on your tush, where do you land? In a heap on the floor? Hiding in a closet somewhere crying? Or maybe over at the mall, substituting your pain for something […]

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Don’t Look Back

You are going along happily in your Thin Within journey and you are finding freedom from diets, when BAM, you are tempted to look back at those diets.  There are situations that can tempt us to look back (not being happy with the number on the scale, breaking your boundaries too often, feeling like you will […]

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Renewing-of-the-mind Alarm

CHIRP!  The purpose of smoke alarms in our home is to let us know there is smoke hot enough, born from a fire, and that we need to get out!  The alarms tell us to find safety, and that our lives are endangered.  Their purpose is to save lives.  So when a smoke alarm’s battery runs low, […]

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Failure Leads to Victory

We get so discouraged when we break a boundary.  We eat when we aren’t hungry (zero).  We blow past satisfaction (5).  We bring out that “club of condemnation” one more time (sigh). But wait!  STOP!  Pause.  Freeze it right there!  Come a little closer to the screen.  Yes, there.   Now let me tell you a little […]

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