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Overlaying Truth

Psalm 16:8 says; “I have set the Lord continually before me, because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” It is up to me what my eyes see, what I choose to ‘set before me,’ and what I will focus on. Will I always look to the scales, whether I have […]

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Happy Independence Day!!

  I am celebrating Independence Day! Yes, I know it is the week of July 4th and we celebrate the freedom and independence America gained back in 1776. But, this is also my year of independence and I am celebrating! What have I gained my independence from you may ask? Man made dieting rules Counting […]

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Finding God’s Will

  “It’s all about ‘letting go,’ and trusting You completely.” “Not focusing on my food or my weight.” “You are showing me to accept my body size and weight right now, to see that it is my ‘God-given size.’” “Give or present your body to Me.” ( To present means: to give in a formal […]

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Success – What Does it Look Like? Guest Post

Note: In keeping with yesterday’s webinar (audio available here) on “What is Thin Within About–REALLY?” I thought it would be fitting to rerun Becky Young’s great post. If you feel like you aren’t “successful,” is it possible that you are being impacted by the pattern of this world that we are told NOT to conform to […]

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STALL for Victory!

Sometimes I feel like a Golden Retriever when it comes to food. If it is there…I have to “retrieve” it. It is meant for me! I have a golden and know that sitting patiently with not one, but TWO tennis balls in front of her…well, it just wouldn’t happen. Sort of like those moments of […]

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The Perfect Weight

Is wanting to be a perfect size and weight part of the sin nature? Or is it the world trying to get me to conform to it’s ways again? In Romans 12:2 we read, “Do not be conformed to this world….” I can sense that there is still some fear in my heart that the […]

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Guard Your Heart

Written by Lucinda Edwards Concerned family member; “Your thyroid medicine must not be working because you are still heavy.” My thoughts: Are you really concerned about my thyroid!” Member of wedding party; “You lost weight …Oh Great! Now I am the fat one.” My thoughts: Everyone considered me the fat one! Family member; “You would […]

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Gleaning From Hunger Within

  These are a few of the things that participants have shared in our Hunger Within Study Class. I only displayed their initials so that they can identify one another, but anyone outside the class is unable to. We had a very blessed time together and many of us will rejoin in the Fall to […]

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Living With Abandonment

  Written by Lesley Murphy “I was going to make you some potato salad, but I didn’t know if you were on a special diet or not.” This came from my friend of over 20 years. No one knows me better, aside from my husband. I realized in that remark how often I must have […]

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My Misplaced Need For Attention

One of the sweetest things I’ve come to love about the Lord is how truly perfect his timing is to reveal something to us that up until now we’ve had no idea was impacting us to the degree it has.  Thankfully, he doesn’t just throw it at us.  When it comes to the matters of […]

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