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This 12 week bible study is the backbone of the Thin Within ministry with:
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Thin Within Bible Study
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Two Steps Forward One Step Back

  Walking the path of Thin Within is quite the adventure. Can I get an Amen? There is always surprises popping up along the way, and even pot holes to watch out for that can can trip you or turn your ankle. It’s not a journey to embark on with lots of other distractions in […]

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Under Construction

  As my new Thin Within class rapidly approaches I find myself struggling once again with the progress, or lack thereof, I’ve made thus far on my journey. I’m referring to my physical progress. I truly wanted the ladies to see the tremendousus loss of weight that has occurred before they joined me on this […]

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Unique, but not Perfect

Written by Marjorie Salmela One after another, notions and examples of perfectionism flowed steadily from my mind onto my paper. Every day when I sat down to write my thoughts into a coherent post, my thoughts would slow down to a trickle. Then, I felt unsure of how or where to begin. When I was asked […]

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Mealtime Nibbles

“Oh I wish I hadn’t nibbled while cooking dinner!  Now I’m no longer truly hungry enough to eat!  Why didn’t I wait?  Why didn’t I plan better?  It won’t really matter.  I’ll just eat a few bites with my family.  No harm done.” Too often those are the thoughts spinning through my head after a […]

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The Power of Chocolate

Written by Debbie Grulke As I sit at my computer tonight and think about the Valentines Day I had Saturday, I am reminded of Valentines past. All the many times that the chocolate frenzy would start the week before with buying the “first” of many chocolates to celebrate the “love holiday.” What could be sweeter? […]

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Total Surrender

Written by Deanna Lewis  Years ago I was in a Bible study that taught eating between the confines of hunger and fullness and looking to God to be filled up. I lost over 65 pounds doing that. All was good until I moved to a new city and I started to slowly slip away from […]

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Stand Firm

“Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.” (Ephesians 6:14) Recently I had the pleasure of spending some time with a dear friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in several months.  We have done a couple weight loss programs together in years past and hold fond […]

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I’m Just Food

Poem Written by Debbie Grulke, Hunger Within Participant I’m Just Food I’m just food, what do you want from me? I can never comfort or begin to set free. I’m not you friend and I can’t be your lover; I can’t break your heart or help you recover. I’m just food created to nourish, to […]

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Just Say No!

One of my favorite facets of Thin Within is its ability to integrate the practical application of God’s word with the spiritual component of His truth.  In other words, the foundation of this program is balanced.  Throughout the pages of  Thin Within are countless opportunities to learn and grow spiritually coupled with the reality that […]

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I’m Yours, Lord

Written by Lesley Murphy, Hunger Within Participant I eat to feel good. The temporary full and satiated feeling takes away the voids – but only temporarily. Sometimes the feelings don’t budge, so I binge. I feel bad inside and I want the food to make me feel good (because it tastes good). This is my […]

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