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This 12 week bible study is the backbone of the Thin Within ministry with:
  • 12 weekly lessons
  • 80 daily bible studies
Thin Within Bible Study
Package Includes:
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Seeing Beyond What I Can See

Penny is working her way through the Thin Within book. She shares with us here about coming to “Day 5” where the reader is called to do an exercise to be reconciled with her physical body. The exercise is not for the faint of heart! I am so proud of Penny for making it through. […]

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A People Pleaser? Not me!

Written By Cathie Rosemann This past weekend was intended to be a great getaway with a dear girlfriend shopping at an area Trade Days, relaxing at a recommended B&B, eating food we don’t normally enjoy, and just catching up. This is an annual event to celebrate our birthdays. However, this year would be different with […]

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Why Do You Call Me Lord?

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day, and I was intensely enjoying the crunch of dried leaves beneath my shoes. Walking hand in hand with my sweetie, the leaves bore witness to the truth of God’s grace in our lives. Nature’s seasons change with death and burial, and in the letting go of it’s many leaves, […]

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Looking For Holiday Victory?

There’s no place like home or family for the holidays, is there? It’s the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge all rolled into one. Like a little home-grown tornado, it can mess up and disrupt our neatly arranged eating boundaries before we even know what hit us. Are you starting to feel the stress of all the […]

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Living In God’s Margin

Written By Cathie Rosemann This morning as I jumped in the shower to get ready for my workday I was overwhelmed once again with the faithfulness of the Lord to meet us each and every time we show up ready to hear His voice. Why I’m surprised I’m not sure. After all, He tells us […]

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A Prayer for Freedom

Written by a guest blogger. Some time ago while praying for someone at church, I had a vision. In this scene, there was a dark brick prison, with the metal bar door flung wide open, light streamed in. However, the prisoner, despite the door being open and recognizing his freedom, stood still in the cell, […]

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When God Redefines Your Purpose

Written by Cathie Rosemann “The hostess with the mostess” is how many would refer to me. And it’s a title I gladly wore. After all, spiritual gifting tests proved it to be true. During my childhood years my mother was tormented by such mental illness, she was a homebody, when not hospitalized so I gravitated […]

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Wait or Weight?

What does the Lord do when we get upset, angry or we sin? What about when that causes us to veer off the narrow path of conscious eating and revert back to consuming food for non-physical reasons? Does He fume with righteous anger? Give the silent treatment? Point out all our flaws? Bring up our […]

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Written by Cathie Rosemann Oh what a relief it is… To be able to go out to eat with someone and not be tormented by man-made rules and regulations. To know that I have the freedom to choose what is most beneficial for my body (whether permissible or not) is a wonderful experience. For the […]

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Keys To The Kingdom

Recently I posted a challenge on our Discussion and Support Facebook page. The challenge was to work on one of our keys to conscious eating by eliminating the television during meal time. Turn off the TV while eating! Get rid of the distraction. Why? Just to ruin our fun? Make meal time boring? No, not […]

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