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Thin Within Bible Study
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Focus will Bring the Victory

Focus… What has yours? This time of year it is easy to be wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, company parties, church dinners, gift and cookie exchanges. Although these may all be wonderful blessings, who has time to focus on 0 to 5 or be mindful about eating? (If we are honest, we […]

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Living the Fruit of the Spirit

At church this morning, the teaching was on Love and Galatians 5:22-26, and because of the way that God is working in my own heart and mind, I took some time to meditate on these scriptures as they relate to my journey in Hunger Within. I gave myself an assignment: How do I live out […]

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Are You Like Me?

How satisfied are you today? Were you comfortable in your summer wardrobe? Did you feel fine lounging at the pool or walking at the park in the summer sun? Are you experiencing the abundant life that God promises us? Depending on your answers, you could either feel very content or very stressed. I am discovering how […]

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Getting Off the Treadmill

Has the enemy ever tried to put shame on you? Many of us who have carried extra pounds have also carried a deep sense of shame. We first begin to recognize it once we gain a significant amount of weight (that amount can range from five to a hundred or more pounds). Often times, we […]

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Firmly Rooted

I have been thinking a lot lately about my grave clothes: the ones the LORD has already removed and the ones that remain. These are the grave clothes that are removed layer by layer after Jesus called me forth, just as He did Lazarus, from the tomb of bondage and disordered eating into the bright […]

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The Big But

Written by Claire Urig Guys, I can’t do this. I mean it. I am unable to follow 0-5 when I eat. I have engaged in this holy struggle with my battle gear on, for a short time compared to many of you, but I just cannot do it. I can’t manage to wait until I’m […]

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Righteous Food

Written by Kelly Tull Recently I listened to Heidi’s interview with Claire Urig and her take on “good food” versus “bad food.”  Claire talked about cupcakes being in detention while kale was out saving the world.  Though funny, it made me realize how legalistic I had become with the nutritional value of food. I had the same […]

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The WantMonster

My sister got married a few years ago at a beautiful log home in the mountains of Colorado. The morning of the big day, we had all the bridesmaids over for breakfast while we had our hair and makeup done. We had a huge spread- croissants, danishes, muffins, coffee cake, mimosas, fruit, cheese, coffee and […]

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Boundless Love

He is my Boundary! Wow! Amazing! Boundaries began with God Almighty. He set a boundary between land and water at creation. Jesus set a boundary with his ministry, with his family members, with his friends and even with himself. John 7:3-6; So his brothers said to him, “Leave here and go to Judea, that your […]

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From Caterpillar to Transformed Butterfly

One of the first things I came in contact with when I was looking for a different way to control my yo-yo weight, my constant focus on my current diet, the next diet or going off my diet because I really just wanted to eat the way I wanted to in the amounts I wanted […]

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