I am going to spend the next few days doing a “truth inventory” about where I am, how I got here, and what I am really willing to do to get over any obstacles that I have erected that are standing in my way to experiencing God’s best.

If you want, you can join me.

Since I am committed to making it through this season of my struggle…er…I mean LIFE (LOL!) withOUT a bathroom scale, all I have is the Holy Spirit to tell me if I am following God’s best for my life with regard to eating, drinking, activity. “All I have…” Gosh…as if that is the consolation prize or something! I have the SHEKINAH GLORY OF GOD ALMIGHTY at work in me…offering his power, his direction, his insight, his wisdom, his conviction, his STRENGTH! That is more than enough to enable me to press forward. Ya think? 🙂

So, in the days ahead, I will check in here after some time with the Lord spent asking him “Where am I?” “Where do YOU want me to be, Lord?” “What will I have to do to get there?” “What obstacles need to be removed?”