It is amazing how much a chosen shift in perspective can make! Even before I sat down this morning to begin my “Truth Inventory,” I had chosen during the past couple of days to quit doing this compromising “thing” that, when all is said and done, is SIN. The “skating along the edge” of godly boundaries by eating 0 – 6 or 1 – 5…

Let’s call SIN SIN and not beat around the bush! Before anyone gets after me for using the “S” word :-), let me just say that I don’t believe “Sin” is something I am condemned for. No. Once anyone is in Christ, they do not stand as one condemned. Sure, before accepting the free gift of Jesus’ propitiation (big word, with an even more amazing meaning!) for me on the cross, the “S” word would have meant DOOM for me for eternity. But not now!

So I can call my sin what it is…SIN. Sin is going my way independent from God’s leading. Truthfully, that is what these “little compromises” have been over the past year. I call sin sin, knowing that God’s kindness leads me to repentance (Romans 2:4). He grants repentance leading me to a knowledge of truth (2 Timothy 2:25).

I have been on sort of two tracks. One is leading to deeper intimacy with God. But, interestingly enough, that has led to some fear…and I think that is where I have allowed myself to be deceived. To be known by God has been a frightening thing for me–it doesn’t need to be–and I hope one day I won’t feel so …exposed…but for now, that is something that I have to grapple with. So the parallel track to this greater closeness and intimacy with God has been this tendency I have to grab at whatever I can to “cover my nakedness” before the righteous holy God! Makes no sense, but there it is.

Here I am now, however, seeing this for what it is. SIN…motivated by a desire to hide…and I don’t need to do that! God loves me. He extends his grace to me. He sees me totally as I am and loves me utterly. The same is true for you!

He gives us a choice…will we believe it? Will we believe that he can know us utterly, completely, that we can be exposed, totally naked before him, vulnerable, souls laid bare…and that he totally, completely loves and accepts us?

I choose to believe it. And I am renewing my commitment to walk this belief out. Not just when I am feeling “warm and fuzzy” but even when I see my sin and pride and rotten motives exposed by God. He doesn’t expose them so I am accused or condemned, but so that he can lovingly show me how my life isn’t working…and gently correct me and guide me to a path that leads to joy and righteousness!

Anyhow, what I was GOING to say was just how much JOY there has been during the past couple of days of refocusing on the blessing of godly boundaries. His boundaries truly have fallen for me in pleasant places and when I skate along the edges, I gradually end up far afield of where he wants me and where I am safest.

Today, I am in a good place. My truth inventory has begun and I have seen some difficult truth and some great truth. God is showing me where to go from here. More on that tomorrow. 🙂