Some of you have asked me for an update on some of the things in earlier entries in the blog.

Like veggies…am I eating veggies, you wonder? Well, no…not unless it is in my husband’s fresh salsa. In which case, gimme gimme! LOL! No, I haven’t made headway there. I have to be careful not to use a club of condemnation for myself with the veggies thing. There is a LOT of heavy duty childhood trauma associated with certain foods and I can trigger some nasty flashbacks if I am not careful. Right now, I feel like God is not asking me to push myself so hard. I hope he will just put it in me to WANT and LOVE broccoli! Right now, even the smell of some foods cause a physical and emotional reaction…it isn’t freedom certainly.

So on the veggies front…no appreciable headway except that I am at peace with this and waiting on God for His timing.

On the soda drinking front…I am still drinking more water or sparkling water (no sugar or acids, nutrasweet and other things added) than I was, but I do still enjoy diet coke and diet cherry pepsi. In fact, I have been cutting back again, as my consumption was creeping back up. I guess this will always be a process!

The new fast from the “sweet” that I mentioned yesterday went really well yesterday. I am just thrilled that it is so easy. In the past, I would have mourned such a decision and it would have made me want the “outlawed” food all the more, but the truth is, the food isn’t outlawed at all. I am walking in freedom from having to eat it and it feels absolutely great! In fact, it is like a huge burden is lifted! I think I was really bowing down to that food…believe it or not…I was letting my heart harden toward the Lord. Good grief. I was letting Satan use it to torment me instead of tossing the burden aside. Since throwing it aside yesterday, I have been so free! The item IS in the house…but I have not had any temptation to consume it at all. It is a non-issue, settled completely. Go figure.

This really IS a new thing…in the past, I would NOT have handled it like this. It is proof that God is at work and doing things in my life all the time that I may not even be aware of!

Thank you, Lord!