Hi! I hope all of you have the Thin Within workbook kit #1, “Rebuilding God’s Temple.” If you don’t yet have it, you can call Joe or Pam Donaldson at 877-729-8932.

If you are leading a group through the study of the Thin Within workbook, you can get my leader notes for the first optional introductory session here. It is in a .pdf (Adobe Reader) format. Please email me if you want the Microsoft Word version to edit for your personal use.

If you are just planning on going through the study with us here online, GREAT! Welcome! Now is the time! (Even if you are arriving at this page in 2011, you can still use these notes to be encouraged and to focus your time. If you respond in the comments, others may be doing the study at the same time as you…so they may respond in turn!).

In my “live” group, I used last Tuesday night to hand out the material to my group members.

Your “assignment” for this week is to:

1.) Do lesson 1 in the Workbook, reading all the material for Lesson 1 and completing the workbook exercises for week 1, days 1-7. Days 6 and 7 *are* considered “optional,” so if you feel like you have fallen behind, don’t worry about completing those!

2.) As you read and study, please generate a list that we will add to throughout our study… “What God is Like” and “What God Does.” These can be two lists or one. I find it easiest to put it all on one list which I have started in the back cover of my workbook. Next to each item on it, I jot down the verse citation or the source of the “attribute.”

I believe it is AW Tozer who says that the single most important thing about a man (or woman) is what s/he believes about God and I believe it is so. Please keep this list, as we will be referring to it throughout our study!

3.) Will you pray for others who will be doing this study here and on the Thin Within forums?

4.) Consider “popping up” on the Thin Within Facebook page or Thin Within forums to get and give support to others!

5.) Read the associated devotional that I will post here tomorrow (or Tuesday) and respond! I may be posting my thoughts here as I go through the material…I have the hankering to write again. Finding the time may be the trickiest part now. But it helps if you check in here and respond on the posts…You can get and give support to others on this journey. We need one another.

Watch for more this week! 🙂