Thank you for your prayers. I have taken time to write thoughts about what is going on…but haven’t been able to put them here, either because I have been asked not to or because they just didn’t seem to be what God has in mind…or both.

I have just read a blog entry that I wish I had written. Instead, I will choose to receive it as the gift that it is. Wonderfully Made was founded by Allie Marie Smith. She is the lady who wrote H.E.A.L (Healthy Eating Abundant Living) with Judy Halliday (who also wrote Thin Within).

Wonderfully Made has speakers and events particularly helping young women. One of their representatives is Jennifer Strickland who has written a book called Girl Perfect. She was a runway model and has an incredible testimony.

She has written a blog entry that God is using to encourage me today. I want to share it with you. Please read “Choose the Crown” at this web page at the Wonderfully Made blog, and if you comment, let Allie and Jennifer know where you found the link. They are both such sweet sisters who love Jesus and his daughters. 🙂

Thanks, Allie and Jennifer. I needed this encouragement today. Jesus knew.