If you have been joining us for our study of the Thin Within book by Arthur and Judy Halliday, this week’s tentative assignment is to read through Days (chapters) 10, 11, and 12.

At this point (or on day 11), there is a slight shift. There are three phases of Thin Within. If you want to know more about that, you can view (or really listen to) the video below…I made it some time ago and it is LONG…and the video quality is HORRIBLE!

During the first 10 chapters or days of the Thin Within material, the “first phase” is sort of what is the framework of the material. In days or chapters 11-20, “phase two” takes us out of just enjoying our new-found freedom to eat whatever we want between godly parameters into using godly discernment. You will see what I mean as we continue on. Freedom is wonderful and we don’t leave that behind, but we begin to see that freedom brings with it a wonderful privilege of responsibility. If we want to feel our best so that we can operate the way God intends in this life, we want to begin to pay attention to, and heed, other signals that our bodies give us regarding foods and beverages. Again, there are no “diet rules,” as that would be counterproductive. Instead, we are now free NOT to have to eat something sweet each time we are hungry (for instance). We begin to develop a sense that there is more to this than “Yippee! No more diet foods!”

This isn’t just about the physical either. Please don’t think we change the focus now on to our bodies. We will need the Lord’s guidance more than ever.

In days or chapters 21-30, “phase three” is established.

Let me get this out there though…just because the book may teach “phases,” doesn’t mean we all live in phases nicely and neatly, going from phase 1, to phase 2 in 10 days (or 4 weeks) and onward into the “mastery” phase. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In my long term experience with this material :-), I have found that I go in and out of these phases…and, truthfully, “mastery” (phase three) is something I may experience for only minutes at a time so far. I know that dwelling there is yet ahead for me.

So, that said, please just enjoy knowing that there is much yet ahead!

In chapter 10 you will be encouraged that when you fail, it doesn’t mean you *are* a failure. What we DO doesn’t define who we are. God is the only one who that theory applies to. He calls himself “I AM” in scripture because what he does is a perfect reflection of his character! I love chapter 10 and find it tremendously encouraging! I hope you do, too.

Chapter 11 and 12 will continue to lay vital foundation for us in this journey.

Please continue to add to your list about God’s attributes and the way he interacts with you, His child. Take time to praise and thank God for 5 of these each day (or more if you want!).

I think my struggles lately have been accentuated because I haven’t been taking the time to do this. Truly, I have found when I make praise and gratitude a way of life, it changes everything for me. I have to start practicing what I am preaching!

Vacation Bible School is happening this week at my school and my kids and I are working at it (my kids are teenagers). I have NO idea if I will actually get through all three chapters or not this week, but that is my goal!