What is a 5? This is a question that comes up a lot for folks just starting out with Thin Within and,even, those who have been at it for a while… I know that as I look back over my experience with “0 to 5” eating or eating between the parameters of hunger and satisfaction (which covers the time of about 7 years), when I ask this question it is usually (usually, but not always) because I don’t LIKE the answer!!! So often, I don’t LIKE that a 5 is reached as quickly as it is…after all…there is still LOTS OF yummy food left!!! LOL!

I think that if we are trying to eat as much as we can before we hit a 5 then finding 5 will seem more elusive. But if we just decide ahead of time to delight in removing the sensation (discomfort, really) of hunger, we will be glad to stop when we are no longer hungry. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Last night, I realized another good way for me to identify 5. I hadn’t been able to take the time to exercise any time during the day before dinner, so I knew that I was going to bounce around (for a step aerobics workout) immediately after dinner. As I was eating a very YUMMY bit of dinner, my thoughts reflected back on something Judy Halliday had said to me in a telephone conversation. She had mentioned that a person who stops at a 5 can easily go out and exercise afterwards without being uncomfortable. This resonated with me and provided a good goal for me while I was eating my delicious dinner.

Dinner was pizza and because I was *so* hungry when I sat down, it tasted remarkably beyond good. It was delectable, in fact! In order not to eat any more, I told myself that I could easily get another pizza just like this one any time I wanted…that this is *not* the last pizza on the planet nor is it the last time I would have an opportunity to eat pizza. I was able to walk away…and I was relatively sure I had stopped in plenty of time. Hunger was gone.

I went downstairs and began my workout. Sure enough! No “erpy burpies” assaulted my enjoyment of my exercise!!! Yay! I was able to bounce around the step bench with abandon, without fear of upchucking extra food. What a difference between that and times in the past when all I could stand to think of following a “pizza fest” was to unbutton my pants and nap.

God used this experience to remind me more of what He has in mind for me as my stopping point. If I live as though I might go running, aerobicizing, or jump roping after the meal, I am bound to stop in plenty of time. YAY!!!